Send Text from Email and Receive Text to any Email address.

Sending text messages from an email using TXTImpact email to text message service is simple, efficient, and reliable. We simply convert your Email messages into a text message and deliver it to any wireless carrier in the world. The service will forward all text messages replies to your as an Email. You can send text messages from any email clients such as Outlook, Lotus Notes, Gmail, Yahoo or even your company email or exchange server. You will receive text message replies directly to your email address. The advantage of sending text messages from an email is that it allows you to communicate through text messaging right from your computer at the same time archiving the messages for the future reference in support of e-discovery. Allow you to search the text messages along with your other communication with clients over the email. Email to Text comes handy when you need to send Text messaging messages from legacy software which doesn’t have native text messaging support. But they do have an email notification either to customer, technicians, installers, service agents, etc. To send service appointments, payment due reminders, etc. Software such as SadonaOffice, used by many security companies, Medicall system used by health providers can benefit from Email to text service.

Email to Text Message is a great tool for the following businesses

  • The Call centers
  • Help desk
  • Law firm
  • Insurance agents
  • Claims Adjuster
  • Mortgage agents
  • Financials
  • Educational institutes
  • Realtors
  • Security Companies
Email to text message service is an unified communication tool and provides flexibility to the customer. This is not an old style sending text message through email, where you have to use recipient wireless company email domain such as for AT&T; @txt.att.net. You don’t need to know recipient wireless carrier, just address recipient as <phone number>@text2email.net and our TXTImpact system will query wireless carrier and send text message to the recipient. The service not only works for USA & Canada but it also works worldwide, see our international SMS network coverage.
send text messages through an email
send text messages from email to any mobile phone

Ways to use Email to Text Message service

  • Appointment reminders; stop patient no-shows with automated appointment reminders through text
  • Loan Process notifications; Send reminders to customers when loan applications have been accepted or if they need to provide any further documents.
  • Send Insurance policy renewal reminders or any upcoming changes to policy
  • Server monitoring alerts; All server monitoring systems, such as Microsoft Operations Manager comes with email notification, which may it easy to add text alerts. Email to text seamlessly integrate with your server monitoring, simply provide technicians mobile number as email address <XXXXXXX>@text2email.net and send a text alert to wake your IT team.

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How to send text message from email?

To send a text message (SMS), address an email to the mobile phone number as following   Email To: “17321234567@text2email.net” [where 17321234567 is a mobile number]
Subject: [leave blank – no subject line necessary] Body Hi, do you want to meet after work? Sarah.
receive text message replies to an email
The mobile will receive a normal text message to which they can then reply using a text message.

Reply text messages will be forwarded to your email account:

Email From: 17321234567@text2email.net   Subject [Message From 17321234567] Sure, lets meet at Times Square at 5:45 PM.
receive text messages to an email
To send to a group of people include all their numbers as follow
Email To: 17321234567@text2email.net,17321345678@text2email.net Subject: [leave blank – no subject line necessary] Campus Alert. Heavy snow expected today. All classes cancelled. Call Emergency line for any help.

Receive Text Messages as Email?

Receive Email notification whenever someone send a text message to your business texting number. There are many options for business texting number.
  • 1. We can text enable your Landline number or your toll-free number, without changing the voice services.
  • You can have a keyword on a shared short code
  • Buy a new local texting number
  • A dedicated short code to receive text messages
  • Anyone text a predefined keyword such as your business name “KevinLaw” to 27126 e.g “KevinLaw we’re looking for a lawyer to represent us in court for DWI violation”
  • The message will be forwarded to company defined email address “info@kevinlaw.com”
  • Optionally you can have that messages sent to your mobile phone as well.

Text Messaging Service Features

  • Support text messages longer than 160 characters
  • Supports HTTP & SMPP interface for sending and receiving text messages
  • Access to 800+ carriers, 200 countries to send and receive text messages
  • Dedicated & shared short code support for North America
  • Real time delivery reports available
  • Extensive online reporting tools
  • Robust text message delivery platform

How to get started?

  • Step 1: Signup for the service
  • Step 2: Configure Email to Text service, provide email address which is authorized to send text messages via Email-to-Text gateway.

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Text To Email Service to receive text messages to your email address. A great tool for contact centers or help desk.

FAQs: Email to Text message service?

1. Do I need to know wireless provider name of the recipient?
No, you don’t need to know a name of the recipient, our SMS gateway handles that. You just need to send an email to “Phonenumber@text2email.net”, we handle rest.
2. In which countries the service is available?
The service is available for USA, Canada, and over 800 international networks.
3. Can we receive a reply to multiple email address?
Yes, you can configure your email2sms campaign to include multiple authorized email addresses.
4. Is it possible to send messages longer than 160 characters?
Yes, you can specify the number of characters you want to send a text message. Rest of the email content will be truncated.
5. Does message recipient needs to include any keyword in their reply message?
No, the reply doesn’t need to have any keyword in their message.
6. Can we allow anyone from our company to send a message from email account?
Yes, depending on your plan, you can add additional authorized emails to your account.
7. What phone number recipient will see as sender, can I use my phone number?
By default recipients in the USA will see a 5 digit number such as 27126, Canadian recipient will see a message from 10 digit number and other international destinations will see a UK phone number as sender number. We can’t use your number as a sender Id, but we can assign you a new local number may be same area code as yours. We offer local numbers for the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Austria, China, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Lithuania, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan, Poland, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland. Each additional local number assigned costs $5/month.

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