Business Text Messaging Use Cases

Business SMS Platform

Call Centers

As more people are beginning to prefer text messaging over waiting on hold, call centers have switched to the cost-effective process of allowing clients to send text messages as opposed to calling. More clients prefer this method due to it’s increasing customer satisfaction.

Subscription Text Message Marketing

Customers can opt-in to be on a subscription list for a company’s advertising text message marketing list. They can receive company updates, events, and deals going on in their area. Businesses can create highly targeted mobile subscriber lists and send text message updates for maximum participation.

Appointment Reminders

In an attempt to lower the amount of no-shows by clients, professionals can send text message appointment reminders to their clients to remind them of their appointments. In order to avoid annoying the client, companies must ensure that alerts are not too frequent or pushy.

Package Tracking

Instead of making clients log onto a website through their computer or call a company and take up their valuable time, companies have found that sending out tracking updates helps clients feel better about the shipping status of their orders.

Quickly Connect with Clients

Text message marketing has revolutionized the way a company can connect with their clients; by sending out mass text messages to a multitude of customers, companies can connect with more clients than before for a fraction of the price.

Customer Feedback

In the past, getting feedback from a client usually meant filling out a digital or physical form, which was tedious, time-consuming, and highly ineffective. By sending out a text message survey, clients can rate products or services and give a short feedback on why they felt that way in a shorter time and with a greater percentage of participation.

Customer and Applicant Alerts

The text message service can be utilized to answer questions briefly and quickly. The service can also be used to alert potential applicants if they have received the job, and inform them of their schedule and where to meet.

Clinical Trials Recruiting and Retention

By engaging with patients while they’re on the go, researchers have found that their cost-effective approach also improves their study success rates with more productivity and commitment. This is also useful for dosage, compliance, and appointment reminders.

Event Organizers

Companies can promote events by sending text messages to exhibitors, attendees, sponsors, and staff to inform and secure a guest and personnel count. Text messages can be used for text message polls during the live event, and pictures and texts can be displayed around the event.

Emergency Communication

To alert coworkers of inclement weather, last minute meetings, security breaches, downed servers, or any other emergency, companies can use a mass text message broadcast to get information across swiftly and efficiently.

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