Text Message Appointment Reminders

Reduce your customer no-shows with automated text appointment reminders and follow-up systems and increase your bottom-line revenue.

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SMS Appointment Reminder Service

TXTImpact offers an easy way to send SMS appointment reminder notifications to your clients in which they can reply to confirm or reschedule the appointment. TXTImpact is built on a reliable SMS texting system with high delivery rates to all USA, Canada, and worldwide mobile subscribers.

Features of The SMS Appointment Reminder Service

Confirmation & Cancellation

Patients/clients have the ability to confirm or cancel their appointments with just one simple text. Clients will receive an automated confirmation text message.


Create customized templates for different kinds of appointments. Personalize reminder text message, confirmation, or cancellation response text message for every professional in your office.

Notification Variance

You can configure appointment reminders to send multiple notification prior appointments at various intervals. This can be done as early as 7 days prior or only an hour before the appointment.

Easy Management

You can enter appointments for multiple clients at once from our easy to use web interface. Quickly set up multiple appointment reminders by importing a spreadsheet file.

Follow-Up Messages

Your staff will be able to receive e-mail or text notification of any cancellation. Staff can also send follow-up text messages to all clients.

Integration with Google Calendar

Google Calendar integrated with our text appointment reminder service allows you to manage appointments directly from a Google Calendar's interface.

The appointments set up in the Google Calendar will be automatically scheduled for a text alert as per the delivery schedule. Clients will be able to confirm or cancel the appointment via a text message.

Watch the tutorial below to the end for the instructions to link Google Calendar account.

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Outlook Text Message

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Email to Text

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Recurring Text Messages

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Send personalized mass text messages from within Excel without logging into our online SMS Marketing platform!

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