Excel To SMS

Send mass text messages from within Excel without logging into our online SMS Marketing platform!

Simply select the recipient’s mobile number and the information you want to include in your message from your Excel columns, and our Excel texting program will automatically create and send personalized messages.

This creates one spot for all information being sent out of Excel.

It saves your clients time.

It saves you time.

Incorporating Texting With Excel

Features and Common Fields of Use

One-Stop Sending

Compose your text message directly from within Excel. This creates one spot for you to accomplish composition, attachment, and sending of information.


Merge information from cells in your spreadsheet. This feature makes it easier for you to send out messages quicker.

Teacher Certified

This is a great program to have when sending out grades to students because the information is already there, you just have to add TXTImpact to send it out.

Recurring Bills

This feature also works great for those businesses who often send out recurring bills. Take the information that is already there and add only a couple more clicks to send it out to all of your customers' phones.

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