RSA Securid SMS HTTP Gateway

Strengthen Security and Enhance User Experience with SMS-Based Authentication.

  • RSA SecurID Token Delivery

RSA Authentication Manager

RSA Authentication Manager can be configured to utilize TXTImpact SMS Gateway for delivery of on-demand token codes to be used in on-demand authentications. When a user authenticates to an agent using his/her username and on-demand PIN, the RSA Authentication Manager sends the on-demand token code and mobile number to Wire2Air SMS Gateway using the HTTP or HTTPS protocol.

TXTImpact SMS Gateway then delivers the on-demand tokencode to the user’s mobile device via Short Message Service (SMS). The authentication process is completed when the user enters the on-demand token code into the agent’s prompt for next token code.

SMS HTTP Plug-In Configuration

RSA Authentication Manager can be configured to integrate a supported Short Message Service (SMS) provider using HTTP, HTTPS, or XML-over-HTTP to deliver on-demand tokencodes to a user’s mobile phone.


HTTP connections are not secure.

Sensitive information, such as a token codes, may be exposed.

  • For secure connections, configure HTTPS.

  • Before configuring the HTTP Plug-In, you must locate the configuration parameters and base URL.

  • Contact your SMS provider for this information.

  • You must include the following elements within your
    provider’s parameters to retrieve data from the corresponding fields.

A list of checkmarks

  • You can also add a little list of short text snippets with green checkmarks in front of them.

SMS HTTP Plug-In is configured in the RSA Authentication Manager’s Security Console.

The configuration page has three sections:

  • Token code Delivery by SMS
  • SMS Provider Configuration
  • SMS HTTP Proxy Configuration (optional)

Tokencode Delivery by SMS

  • Mark the Delivery by SMS checkbox to enable the delivery of On-Demand Tokencodes using SMS service.

  • Select the User Attribute to Provide SMS Destination from the drop-down menu.

  • (Optional) Select the Default country code from the drop-down menu.

  • Select HTTP from the SMS Plug-In drop-down menu.

General mockups TXTImpact (1).png

SMS Provider Configuration

Step 1

  • Copy the following line into Base URL field.

  • Click Import Certificate to browse to and install an SMS certificate if you are configuring your base for HTTPS.

  • Import Certificate to browse to and install an SMS certificate if you are configuring your base for HTTPS.

  • Copy the following string into the Parameters field and replace [myvasid] and [myshortcode] with the parameters provided by Wire2Air.
    vasid=[myvasid]&from [myshortcode]&userid=$cfg.user&password=$cfg.password&to=$

  • To locate your Wire2Air Account VASID and From (senderid), go to Dashabord -> Manage Account -> API Information

  • Enter Account User Name for the SMS Provider.

  • Enter Account Password for the SMS Provider.

  • Copy the following line into the Success Response Code field.

  • Copy the following line into the Response Format field.

Step 2

  • SMS HTTP Proxy Configuration (optional)

  • Enter the configuration settings for your HTTP Proxy server if you are using one.

Step 3

  • Click Update to save the SMS Configuration
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Certification Checklist for RSA HTTP Plug-In


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