International Texting

Sending Texts Around The World

Our International Text Message Service enables businesses to send a text message from a computer, server, Website and app to mobile phones worldwide.

You can send a text message to over 800 operators in over 200 countries and reach billions of mobile users.

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What Does it Offer?

Two-way Texting

Two-way text messaging gives you and your business the ability to send and receive text messages worldwide

Online Dashboard

Web Interface for full control over your account including real-time logs and reports.

Ranged Access

Access to HTTP, REST, and SMPP SMS API.

Quick Delivery

Intelligent message sending so that your messages will be delivered within seconds

Specified Identity

Dynamic Sender ID Originator Address (OA) easily specified as any name or number.

Advanced Support

Binary SMS support for WAP push, ringtones, logos, v-cards and any UDH message with headers.

Layered Messaging

Concatenated (Long) messages, also know as multi-part SMS messaging, for long text messages.

Knowledgeable Reports

Delivery reports for knowing the advanced details of all your message sending.

Universal Code

Unicode SMS: Supports all languages for coding.

More Information on International Texting

Receive texts from international users for SMS Campaigns (SMS Autoresponder, Survey, Polling, Trivia, etc.)

SMS campaigns require users to text a keyword to a texting number, such as opting in to an SMS list or participating in an SMS poll.

We offer free shared local SMS texting numbers included in all plans for the list of countries listed below, and for all other countries’ users can send a text message to a UK number (listed below). We also offer dedicated local numbers for over 23 countries. See list

Country Code
Canada 604-800-0446
Puerto Rico 787-291-9349
Spain +34 971110013
Germany +49 15706100006
Austria +43 676800200006
Australia +61 447910440
Sweden +46 769439897
UK +44 7937947882
Mexico +52 5549998151
Ireland +35 3871452051
Hong Kong +852 64504271
Brazil +55 12976019290

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