Expanding Your Customer Reach Through Text Message Marketing

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Expanding Your Customer Reach
Text message marketing is a cost-effective way to interact with customers and promote the business in the market. A study reveals that customers are 4.5x times more likely to respond to a text message from a business they know. Two-way SMS messages have increased business efficiency by 80%. <... Read More

Tips to Setup Small Business Goals and Actually Achieve Them

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Setup Small Business Goals
Setting up a good business goal plays a crucial part when it comes to actually starting and owning a business. Without a good business goal, you may find out that you are struggling in your business with no direction.Setting up business goals can help keep you focused on where you w... Read More

10 SMS Marketing Trends Every Local Business Marketer Needs to Know

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SMS Marketing FOr Local Business
Short message service (SMS), also known as mobile text messaging, is a new way to boost business growth and profits.In truth, a Short Message Service (SMS) is possibly the most compelling way to get your audience to read your message. It may also cost less per target and can attain ... Read More

9 Text Messaging Tips to Boost Your SMS Campaigns

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Text Messaging Tips
The key to any successful SMS campaign is keeping your messages short and simple to understand. You also need to fully understand what SMS marketing is about to avoid going off-point with your campaigns.As an SMS marketing pioneer, TXT Impact has helped influence the r... Read More

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