Text Marketing For Financial Services/ Mobile Text Alerts For Banking

How Texting is Changing How Banking is Done

Where Texting Comes Into Play For Financial Services

Why It's Important To Understand What Texting Can Do For You

Connect With Your Customers

Connecting with you customers is the name of the game when it comes to successful businesses, and texting can help with that. Customers want to be more connected and the ability to do that is at their fingertips. Provide them the ability to be updated about account balances, recurring payments, and more through texting.

Improve Secure Banking

Having more connections to your customers means being alerted when something isn't right. It's difficult for banks to catch 100% of fraudulent charges. With the help of your customers, it becomes much easier.

Provide More Options

Customers enjoy having options, and that's exactly what texting provides. They can opt-in to various texting programs and pick and choose which ones they want to be a part of. Having more options for your customers means providing better customer service.

Internal Communication

Beyond serving your customers, texting can also be used to communicate with your team. You can send messages to different employees depending on qualifications. This way, you have a direct line of communication with your employees without having to give over any personal information.

Why TXTImpact?

With Text Messaging for Financial Services, text alert's timely delivery of information can spur customer loyalty and retention which will impact your bottom line. As the modern age is linked with net banking and mobile banking, we will provide you an excellent opportunity to offer customers a high standard of mobile banking.

You can trust in our expertise in mobile technologies to guide you in the mobile world.

Our extensive knowledge of carrier policies and industry guidelines helps you connect with your clients through the mobile channel.

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