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Are you confused by all the different SMS marketing options? Don't worry, we're here to help! We will help you break down the features of TXTImpact and compare them to other popular choices, so you can see if it's the right fit for your business.

We believe in being upfront and honest. We'll give you all the information you need to make an informed decision, without any hidden catches. So, why choose us as your go-to SMS marketing partner?

Here's what makes us stand out:

  • All-in-one toolbox: Send mass texts, set up auto-replies, send pictures/videos, and track results, all in one place. Easy campaign creation for impactful results!
  • Beginner-friendly: The platform is simple to use, like having a marketing assistant at your fingertips.
  • Budget-friendly plans: Find a plan that fits your business, whether you're just starting or a large company.
  • Top-notch support: Our friendly team is always available to help you get the most out of the platform.

Ready to unlock the power of SMS marketing?

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Comparison Table

Features that are exclusive to TXTImpact

Features TXTImpact Simple Texting EZ Texting Slick Texting Textedly Skipio
Mass Texting
Two-Way Texting
Message Templates
Text Messenger App for Salesforce
Text to Screen
Integrated Link Shortener
Drip Messages
QR Code
Free Trial
Email to Text
Text to Email
Text Survey
Polling/Text 2 Vote
Text 2 Win
Text 2 Join
Branded Links
Excel to Text Message

In conclusion, TXTImpact emerges as the superior choice for businesses and organizations seeking a comprehensive SMS and MMS platform. With a wide array of features that go beyond the basics, TXTImpact empowers you to engage, connect, and succeed in the world of messaging. Don't settle for less –TXTImpact offers a plethora of features which none of the competitors offer.

Ready to experience TXTImpact's advantages? Start your journey today and discover the difference for yourself.

Why Choose TXTImpact?

Powerful, Simple, & Affordable

Effortless Features

Powerful tools made user-friendly. Automate campaigns, segment audiences, and personalize messages with ease.

Unmatched Deliverability:

Never worry about undelivered texts. Our reliable network ensures your messages reach their destination, every time.

Dedicated Customer Support:

Our team is here to help you succeed. Get the support you need for a smooth SMS marketing experience.

Budget-Conscious Pricing :

Get the most value for your investment with our competitive pricing plans.

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TXTImpact Discount alert.jpg

Compliance and Security:

Our platform is built to meet strict industry regulations, giving you the confidence to manage your SMS campaigns without worry.

Scalability for Growing Businesses:

We seamlessly scale with you, effortlessly accommodating your growing audience, ensuring your communication efforts keep pace with your success.

Seamless Inegration:

Works with your existing tools to streamline your workflow.

Proven Success Stories:

From boosting engagement to driving higher conversion rates, our clients' success stories are a testament to the effectiveness of our platform.

While competitors offer valuable services, we take the lead by combining advanced features, exceptional customer support, unmatched deliverability, and budget-friendly pricing.

With TXTImpact the user gets access to most of the features in the basic plan itself. Ready to elevate your SMS marketing game? Join the countless businesses that have chosen TXTImpact as their trusted SMS marketing platform.

Don't wait any longer – get started with TXTImpact and experience the difference. Your success is our priority!

TXTImpact Success Stories: What our customers are saying

Real stories of growth powered by our services.

5 / 5

Overall, it's great software. It saves me a lot of time. It's easy to use, and we all like it. The last thing is the excellent customer support. It's easy to use and has great customer support. I've used many software applications, but this one feels friendly to me.

Danish K. - Information Technology and Services
5 / 5

The software is easy to use and allows for multiple campaigns. They respond immediately to your emails, look into every problem, and call you when necessary to walk you through issues. I cannot recommend them enough!

LoisGrace G. - Board Director, Entertainment
5 / 5

Very responsive customer service and fair value. The tool allows you to set up trigger conditions upon receiving responses to two-way texts, which is very helpful for monitoring and handling.

Shayan M. - CEO, Hospital & Health Care
5 / 5

Best customer support ever. The absolute best part of this software is their customer support. I don't know my way around computers much but I love this software

Ashley D. - Receptionist, Small Business
5 / 5

Easy to Use.Easy to add a group of people at once or a single person. Easy to make specific groups for notifications.I like this product for the ease of use. The fact that I can customize it quickly is a huge plus, so I'm not using something I don't need.

Gary W. - Manager, Construction,Small Business

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