Two Way Text Message Service

TXTImpact offers a cloud-based two-way text messaging service that enables two-way communications from the web, Outlook, desktop application, or text API to any mobile phones in the U.S., Canada, and many more countries.

Long code SMS Service is a ten digit virtual mobile number which is operated by a mobile service provider.

Long Codes allow businesses to have their own dedicated phone number to receive and send text messages.

All a customer has to do is pay their standard texting costs.

There are no additional fees.

Longcode Features

Contest Capabilities

Competitions and voting initiated by TV and radio shows.

Product Feedback

Product feedback, campaigns, and promotions (the number can be printed on a product package).

Worldwide Coverage

Globally available numbers for international companies and events.

Reply Paths

Reply path to online tools, software packages, etc.

Reception For Interaction

Reception of SMS for companies wishing to interact with consumers.

Better Communication

Two-way communication with service engineers, sales forces, and suppliers

Message Forwarding

Reception of SMS to be forwarded to computer or user account.

Multi-Use Integration

SMS-to-email applications and SMS multi-party chat services.

Mass Text Feedback

Feedback SMS for mass mailings or promotional activities.

Long Code SMS also is known as a virtual mobile number, Dedicated Phone Number or Dedicated Long Code. This means the number is a receiving mechanism used by businesses to receive SMS messages.

For long-term campaigns or any other assignment, a long number is a good option, as the number can be assigned exclusively for the long term.

Texting to Email and sending MMS to Email are the two the most popular applications to receive text and picture messages via e-mail.

These tools are used by contact centers, service desks, insurance companies and many more industries.

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