What Are The Basics of SMS Marketing?

Now that you know about SMS marketing and its benefits, let’s explore a few basic terms involved in SMS marketing which will help you have a foundational understanding.

1.1. Campaign

A campaign is a text message sent out to your subscribers using SMS marketing software.

1.2. Call-to-action

A text marketing call-to-action is a keyword or a number that induces the user to take the desired action. Most often it is sent to make the users subscribe to your campaign or receive a special offer.

1.3. Keyword

A keyword is any word or phrase that is unique to your business and which the user texts in order to subscribe to your campaign.

1.4. Short Codes

A shortcode is a 5 or 6 digit phone number and differs from the regular 10-digit long codes (phone numbers). A shortcode is sent to the users to help them join or interact with a text marketing campaign. You can also use a dedicated short code exclusively for your business' SMS marketing purpose.

1.5. Drip Campaigns

Also known as autoresponders allows you to send automated text messages based on set periods from when a user joined your list.

1.6. Text Message Spam

Spam refers to unwanted messages sent to someone who has never opted to receive them. Sending such messages can land your business in legal action and hefty penalties. So, follow a simple rule - send marketing SMS to only those who have opted in to receive.

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Basic Knowledge

What is a keyword?
What is a shortcode?
What is an auto-reply?
What is text message spam?
Who uses SMS marketing?

Choosing a Keyword

Keep it easy to remember
Don't be too clever
Avoid special characters
One word is best

Creating a Good Auto-Reply

Create value
Pay attention to frequency
Start with the deal
Include call to action
Campaign examples

Growing Your List

How to advertise your list
What to put on advertisements

Measuring Your Success

List growth
Redemption rates
Churn rates

Additional Resources

SMS marketing resources

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