Text Integration For Mailchimp

Combine the Power of Mailchimp E-mail Marketing with SMS Marketing

Mobile Import

Import mobile numbers from your Mailchimp lists to TXTImpact SMS lists


Join Mailchimp list using the SMS marketing short-code and keyword

Import your e-mail address from TXTImpact SMS lists to Mailchimp lists


Multiple lists mapping

What Does It Do & Who Can Use It?

Send customers weekly or bi-weekly text message alerts with special offers, discounts, reminder, or advance information about special events.

  • Restaurants
  • Golf Ranges,
  • Hotels,
  • Pizzeria,
  • Churches,
  • Digital Advertising
  • Bands & Entertainers
  • Bowling alleys

How to Get Started With Mailchimp Email Marketing

  1. Signup for TXTImpact Text Marketing trial account

  2. Create a Text to Join Text Marketing Campaign

  3. Connect your Mailchimp account, following steps as explained in the video below

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