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TXTImpact offers simple SMS API integration for global messaging needs.

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Text Message SMS API

Text Message SMS API allows your applications, or servers to talk to our SMS gateway over HTTP requests to send and receive text messages across the globe. SMS API integration is a simple approach used by hundreds of businesses on a global scale. TXTImpact makes SMS API Integration simple, without dealing with the complexity of mobile carriers and global regulations. Powerful APIs allow you to focus on your business and SMS workflow in the way you want. With a high delivery success rate and low latency, our SMS API is the most reliable way to connect users globally. You can develop your applications with TXTImpact SMS API infrastructure. Send and receive single or Mass Text Messages globally, manage contacts, and schedule messages.



Send and receive Text Messages using HTTP APIs.

Long Code SMS

Send and receive SMS using local phone numbers in 23 countries and Short Codes available in US and Canada.

Unicode Support

Send and Receive SMS in any non-English language including Chinese, Arabic and symbol characters.

Extended Length SMS Support

Send and receive long SMS Messages, concatenated SMS support.

Global Coverage

Send SMS world-wide using one SMS API. Send Text Messages to over 160 countries.

RSA SecurID Token Delivery

Send RSA on-demand authentication tokens. Fast & Reliable delivery to USA & Canada

Send And Receive SMS Messages Worldwide

Partner with one of the USA's leading SMS text messaging experts. We have a connection to over 800 wireless carriers worldwide which helps you interact with your customers anywhere in the world.

The TXTImpact SMS API provides a number of endpoints for building powerful two-way messaging applications. The Text Message API integration has three endpoints for developers to integrate with their application.

  • Messages – To send text messages from an application to a handset.

  • Delivery Reports – Real-time reports on the delivery status of a message.

  • Replies – Messages sent from a handset to an application.

Why TXTImpact SMS Gateway APIs?

Our focus centers around security, performance, and reliability. For the 15 years, TXTImpact has partnered with wireless providers and carriers all over the world to provide innovative mobile messaging solutions that deliver outstanding results for our enterprise clients.

  • TXTImpact uses highly reliable, high throughput, business-grade direct carrier connections and Short Codes for the delivery of SMS messages.

  • We also offer local numbers for the USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, UK, Australia, Austria, China, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Lithuania, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan, Poland, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.

  • Two-way SMS APIs, replies to your SMS text message will be forwarded to your web application.

  • The service supports all major USA and Canada carriers and over 800 international mobile operators

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Discover all the SMS APIs by TXTImpact

Elevate your reach with our Text Message SMS API, enabling seamless communication for your applications or servers worldwide.


SMS API or Text API can enable web applications to receive and send SMS text messages utilizing TXTImpact Text Message API.

Two-way Texting

Send text and receive replies to the text messages directly on your server using webhooks.

Unicode Support

Unicode character support to allow any language including Chinese, Arabic, and others plus emojis & symbols.

Extended Length SMS Support

Send messages longer than 160 characters as a single message. Long messages are automatically concatenated across global networks seamlessly.

Global Coverage

Send a text message to over 800 operators in over 200 countries and reach billions of mobile users.

MMS Developer API

Send and receive photos, videos and more. Support to send and receive picture messages and SMS using the same phone number.

Real Time Delivery Report

Receive real-time delivery reports of sent messages. Track delivery, link clicks and performance of your campaigns.


Connect with high throughout the SMPP interface to send and receive hundreds and thousands of messages.

Automatic Opt-out Handling

Out of the box opt-out handling. Replies such as "Stop", "Cancel" are automatically handled for you on any of your text numbers.

Number Pooling

Spread your messages across a pool of phone numbers to reach your users in time and improve delivery rate.

Sticky Number

Customers will receive messages from the same phone number.

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