Receive Text Messages (SMS) To Email

A New Wave of Communication

Receive text messages to an email and send replies as a text message!

Want to receive text messages (SMS) or MMS pictures from customers, staff, or prospects to your email? Text messaging still far exceeds e-mail in terms of response rates and is becoming the preferred communication method across the world.

The advantage of receiving a text message and pictures as email allows you to communicate right from your computer at the same time archive the messages along with your other communication with clients over email.

Three Steps to Begin

Step 1:

Signup for a free trial account

Step 2:

Add a new virtual number to your account or text enable a landline number.

Step 3:

Add a Text to email campaign to link texting number to an email

Now, you’re ready to receive text messages as an email. Once someone sends a text or picture message to the texting number, we will forward the message to your email address.

How to Setup The Text to Email Service

Industries To Use This Service

Call Centers

Diversify how communication is accomplished. Digital formats create automatic logs of discussion and can free up time elsewhere.


Receive information from drivers and customers alike in order to create a more streamlined process.

Law Firm

Texting offers a great way for clients to ask questions without having to contact you directly.

Help Desks

Customers no longer have to wait in a long line to have their concerns answered. Texting creates a convenient avenue

Insurance Agents

As is the same with law firms, insurance agents can trust texting to create an easier way to communicate to those they work with on a daily basis.

Mortgage Agents

Mortgage agents will find receiving e-mails from text will make them even more accessible than before while still answering on their own time.


Instead of receiving calls every few minutes, realtors can store messages in their e-mail from potential clients inquiring about different subjects. This makes the agent more accessible, but doesn't interfere with their schedule.

Regulatory Compliance

The constant feeding of information that deals with how a business is operating will be perfectly filtered and handled by our service.

Ready to get started?

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