Recurring Text Messages

Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Annual Messages Recurrence

The Advantage of Recurrence

Getting a customer to continually connect with your business can be a tall, but rewarding, task. Recurring messages makes this easier by taking the pressure away from manually messaging the customer. As long as they are subscribed, your message will reach them.


Accurate Timing

When setting up a recurring text message, TXTImpact allows you and your business to select days of the week (Weekly) or days of the month (Monthly) rather than only recurring on the day it was created.

Message Editing

Take advantage of the ability to send pictures, coupons, links, and more. These features can be added at any time.

Message History

Review messages that have be sent in case they need to be reviewed. In this section of recurring messages, you can also check the status and recipient count of your texts.


Bible Verses

Sending daily bible verses just became far easier. Change the verse each time it's sent.


Never let stagnation take over. Keep things fresh by customizing the Bible verses. Send a new one every day.

Message Imports

Imports messages from already creating documents. If you have a file with Bible verses, this can be sent instead of being manually typed out.


Bill Payments

Link your clients to their bill payments or remind them the day of (or a week in advance).


By including links, pictures, and more, you can make bill reminders a more comfortable experience.

Message Imports

If there is a document that includes a pre-written message for bill payments, you can import this instead of manually typing a message.

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