Salesforce Text Marketing Integration

Connect With More Customers Using Text Messaging

Combine the power of Salesforce CRM with text marketing. With TXTImpact Salesforce Text Marketing Integration, email addresses captured with SMS marketing campaigns can be added to your SalesForce Contact list automatically.

Send the text message to your Salesforce contacts and leads from TXTImpact Mass Texting Service. Cloud-based text marketing platform allows users to send out or schedule texts to their the leads and contacts for reminders, alerts, and more.

The integration with SalesForce enables the text-to-join feature where new contacts are automatically uploaded to a Salesforce lead

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SalesForce Text Marketing Features

Combining Forces

Add Text Marketing Leads to Salesforce Leads using short-codes & keywords.

Importing Numbers

Import mobile numbers from your Salesforce contacts and leads lists to TXTImpact SMS lists.

Importing E-mails

Import collected e-mail addresses via Text Marketing to Salesforce contact lists.

How to Get Started Salesforce Text Marketing

Three Easy Steps

  1. Signup for TXTImpact trial account.

  2. Create a Text-2-Join SMS marketing campaign.

  3. Connect your Salesforce account, map contact and leads to TXTImpact campaigns.

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