Text Messenger App for Salesforce : TXTImpact-Salesforce Integration Unleashed!

Effortless CRM Management: TXTImpact-Salesforce Integration Unleashed!"

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Combine the power of Salesforce CRM with text marketing

With TXTImpact-Salesforce Text Marketing Integration, email addresses captured with SMS marketing campaigns can be added to your SalesForce Contact list automatically. Send the text message to your Salesforce contacts and leads from TXTImpact Mass Texting Service. Cloud-based text marketing platform allows users to send out or schedule texts to their leads and contacts for reminders, alerts, and more.

Text Messenger Salesforce App

To check out the Text Messenger Salesforce App. Click Here

The TextMessenger app could be used for start-ups, SMBs, enterprises, schools, universities, and nonprofit organizations. Text Messenger lets users have direct one-on-one conversations with leads and contacts, while also broadcasting mass text messages, all while being organized simple yet effective fashion. The App allows fast and easy 2-way texting right out of Salesforce. Also, TextMessenger allows users to send text messages from Salesforce Process Builder and WorkFlows to automate follow up with prospects. Text Messenger also provides users with customizable templates for repetitive messages and uses binding on specific objects to make messages more personal.

SalesForce Text Marketing Features

1-to-1 SMS or MMS Conversations with Leads and Contacts

Send and receive messages to leads, and contacts directly from Salesforce.

Automated SMS & MMS from SalesForce Process Builder and WorkFlows

Trigger SMS or MMS messages from Salesforce workflow or process builder

Mass Texting

Send a text or MMS instantly or schedule it to hundreds of contacts or leads from Salesforce campaigns.

Receive Replies

Receive replies from recipients directly in the sales force. Create a New Lead or contact on a new text message

How to Get Started With Salesforce Text Marketing

Three Easy Steps

Signup for TXTImpact trial account.

Install Wire2Air Text Messenger Salesforce app from AppExchange

Install Wire2Air Text Messenger Salesforce app from AppExchange

Generate API Key and connect your Salesforce account

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Discover other integrations offered by TXTImpact

Elevate Your Marketing: Leverage External Integrations for Next-Level Text Marketing Success!


Connect your new-found text channels to all of your other zaps for streamlined integration. Above are only a few examples of what is possible.


Further, improve your customer relationship management skills by pairing TXTImpact with Zendesk.

Constant Contact

Simplify contact management by automatically syncing your contact lists using Constant Contact


Automatically sync the information you capture with MailChimp, it happens in real time and requires no intervention by you. Just set it and let the data flow.

RSA SecurID Token Delivery

Send RSA on-demand authentication tokens. Fast & Reliable Delivery to USA & Canada

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