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SMS Marketing Software and Services from TXTImpact is an affordable solution to engage with your customers and grow your business. SMS Marketing Services allows brands can create, schedule, and automate smart targeting campaigns. Now increase customer retention and increased profitability using Text Message Marketing. A planned text messaging marketing campaign brings a 45% response rate and allows businesses to have one-on-one relationships.

How Does It Work?

Text Marketing in Three Easy Steps


Collect Numbers

Market your texting capabilities and allow customers to join by texting a keyword to your number.


Blast Texts

Once numbers have been collected, you can now text a few, hundreds, or even thousands of numbers at once.


Get Rewarded

Bring in more profits, save your company time, and have a better connection with those that your business serves.

Our Enterprise Text Message Marketing Platform designed for your business, allows marketers to communicate and engage customers on the go instantly. Text Message Marketing Software allows marketers and business owners to collect prospects or customers’ mobile numbers, names, email addresses, zip codes, and more using SMS. Send Mass text message blasts and respond to subscribers with our easy-to-use web application, iPhone APP, or even by Email. Marketers can send offers, promotions, coupons, service/product updates, via SMS Message.

SMS Marketing Software Features

Personalized Messaging. Leverage CRM Data. 1-to-1 Customer Messaging

Autoresponders allow customers to request real-time business or product information via text message.

Build your mass text list using promotions or coupons that incentivize customers to text your number.

Blast text messages and picture messages to your Text Marketing list. 1 or 1000’s contacts in seconds. Replies forwarded to your email, dashboard or your web server

Send enticing pictures and videos with any outbound text messages.

Use text to win sweepstakes promotions to generate leads, grow your subscribers, build your brand, and drive sales.

Collect e-mail addresses, names, and mobile numbers online from your Website, Blog, or Facebook page.

Update your Facebook and Twitter stream instantly.

Send your customers unique mobile coupons in an easy way. Mobile couponing is the most popular SMS text messaging feature.

Combine the power of MailChimp and Constant Contact e-mail marketing with SMS.

High volume SMS text message service for enterprises and brands using 5-6 digits phone numbers.

Personalize text messages with the subscribers’ name, e-mail, general custom fields, and dynamic dating.

Engage users with eye-catching emojis that match the style of message you're sending.

Use trackable short links in your text messages and drill-down to the mobile users level to see who followed the link. Branded Short URL option

Additional Features

Collect Names And E-mails

Collect names and e-mail addresses with a Text to Join campaign or an Autoresponder campaign.

Remote Broadcast

Away from a computer? Send text and picture message blasts from your phone to all of your subscribers.

Import Mobile Numbers

Import Excel or CSV files containing mobile numbers. We’ll exclude duplicate entries and previously opted-out numbers automatically.

Built-In Link Shortener

A built-In link shortener tool helps you shorten your long links to short links so they don't take up as many characters in your text messages.

Schedule Text Message

Plan and schedule your text broadcast ahead of an event, no need to rush last minute to send text promotions or service updates.

Drip Messages

Drip messages will release a series of text or picture messages to a customer within minutes, hours, or days from the opt-in time.

Collect birthdays using a Text to Join campaign and our system will automatically send them a birthday text message.

Add a calendar based auto response messages, such as one message for M-F 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM, another message for weekends, etc.

Collect ZIP Codes

Ask users to text their ZIP code along with a keyword and we’ll automatically parse ZIP codes and attach them to the subscriber’s profile.

Age Gate

Text to Win sweepstakes campaigns are not for every age. Set up Age Gate when you want to make sure only people over a particular age can enter.

Create subscriber segments based upon customer data like area code, date subscribed, DOB, age, or any custom field.

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