Email to Text Message

Send Text Message from any email client

What is Email to Text Service?

Email to SMS service converts email messages into text messages and delivers them to any wireless carrier in the world.

Our service will forward all text message replies to your e-mail of choice.

What Can It Do?

You can send text messages from any e-mail client. This includes, but is not limited to, Outlook, Lotus Notes, Gmail, Yahoo, company e-mail, and exchange server.

The advantage of sending text messages from an e-mail is that it allows you to communicate through text messaging right from your computer, while at the same time, archiving the messages for future reference.

It also allows you to search through text messages along with other communications between clients over e-mail.

Where Should I Use It?

Sending a text from your e-mail is beneficial when you need to send text messages from legacy software that doesn’t have native text messaging support but is capable of e-mail notifications being sent to clients across the board.

This means sending service appointments, payment due reminders, etc.

Software such as SadonaOffice (used by many security companies) Medicall (the system used by health providers) can benefit from our e-mail to text service.

How it works

You send this...

Your Customer Receives This!

Who Can Use it

Call centers

Rather than wasting time on the phone, call center employees can communicate in a way that is convenient for both parties.

Help Desks

Help desks can do everything over text that they can with e-mail. This means pictures, links, and more.

Law Firms

Law firms have the ability to send documents and formal statements over text the same way they could over e-mail.

Insurance Agents

Insurance agents can communicate with a vast numbers of clients, sending pictures and documents over text.

Claims Adjuster

Adjusters can keep in contact with those involved in claims and ask for and provide documents with customers easily.

Mortgage Agents

Being the middle-man becomes easier when you can send your clients texts rather than e-mails they might not check for a few days.


Send information at the request of the customer and include formal documents with them.

Educational Institutions

Update students and faculty on operating statuses or events that are upcoming.


Rather than spending all day on the phone, talk to your customers in a way that they can easily respond.

Security Companies

Send alerts and status updates through text so that customers can consistently and easily check the messages.

Our email to text service is a unified communication tool and provides flexibility to the customer.

This is not the old style of sending a text message through e-mail, where you have to use the recipient's wireless company's e-mail domain such as for AT&T;

You don’t need to know the recipient's wireless carrier at all!

Address the recipient as and our system will query the wireless carrier and send a text message to the recipient.

Our service not only works for USA and Canada but worldwide too!

Visit Our International Texting Page

How To Send Texts From Your E-mail

What TXTImpact Offers

Longer Texts

Support text messages longer than 160 characters

Worldwide Coverage

Access to 800+ carriers, 200 countries to send and receive text messages.

Intelligent Interfaces

Supports HTTP & SMPP interface for sending and receiving text messages

Optionable Short Codes

Dedicated short code support for North America.

Live Reports

Real time delivery reports available for analysis and dissection.

Reporting Tools

Extensive online reporting tools for information gathering.

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