Dedicated Shortcode

The Place to Start Your SMS Marketing Campaigns is With a Short Code

A short code is like a website domain and can be branded.

A Short Code is a 5-6 digit code that can be a number or stand for your brand name or service.

Many companies deploy several short codes to support a variety of services.

You can choose from a randomly selected short code or a Vanity short code provided by TXTImpact.

Companies who plan to run and operate text messaging services need a dedicated short code.

Your Two Options

Vanity Codes

Vanity Codes can be selected by the marketer.

Prior to that, these short codes must be checked with carriers to make sure that they are available.

This is often the case of shortcodes secured for “branding” or recognition purposes like 73277 for SEARS.

Vanity shortcode can be 5 or 6 digits.

Random Dedicated Short Code

Random short codes are the ones that will be assigned to marketer randomly. Random short codes are 5 digits. While they may not be as exact as Vanity codes, they do cost less.

Dedicated Short Code Provisioning Services

The process to register and activate a Dedicated shortcode with carriers is complex and time consuming.

For that reason, TXTImpact provides these services to its clients and can lease, provision, and activate short codes with carriers throughout North America (the United States and Canada).

While clients can be registered a Dedicated shortcode with Neustar and not connect it to a carrier, in order to send/receive traffic through the shortcode, the code must be provisioned.

The provisioning process consists of several complex parts that must be done in order and per current carrier guidelines to achieve approval on each carrier.

How TXTImpact Gets Your Code Provisioned

  • Consultation with our experts to advise you of Carrier expectations, regulations and compliance requirements.

  • Dedicated Short Code provisioning services from application preparation, leasing, carrier approval, monitoring and reporting

  • Continuous Carrier Updates – as they become available

  • Cross-carrier support for common required interactions including HELP, STOP, END along with “msg&data rates apply” according to each carrier’s guidelines

  • Regular updates and reports from our dedicated Short Code Provisioning team

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