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Our mass texting service Success Stories: What our customers are saying

Real stories of growth powered by TXTImpact's services.

5 / 5

Overall, it's great software. It saves me a lot of time. It's easy to use, and we all like it. The last thing is the excellent customer support. It's easy to use and has great customer support. I've used many software applications, but this one feels friendly to me.

Danish K. - Information Technology and Services
5 / 5

Best customer support ever. The absolute best part of this software is their customer support. I don't know my way around computers much but I love this software

Ashley D. - Receptionist, Small Business
5 / 5

Easy to Use.Easy to add a group of people at once or a single person. Easy to make specific groups for notifications.I like this product for the ease of use. The fact that I can customize it quickly is a huge plus, so I'm not using something I don't need.

Gary W. - Manager, Construction,Small Business
5 / 5

The software is easy to use and allows for multiple campaigns. But the absolute best part of this software is their customer support . I’m not a huge tech user and their support is phenomenal. They respond immediately to your emails, look into every problem and call you, when necessary, to walk you through issues. I can not recommend them enough !

LoisGrace G. - Board Director, Entertainment
5 / 5

Very responsive customer service and fair value.The tool allows you to set up trigger conditions on receipt of responses to 2 way texts which is very helpful for monitoring and handling.

Shayan M. - CEO, Hospital & Health Care,

Open, Click, Convert: Why Every Business Needs Mass Text Messaging

98%Open Rate
171%Increase in Conversion Rates
100%Increase in Revenue
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What is Mass text messaging?

Mass Text messaging, also known as Bulk messaging or text blast, is like sending out a text to a large group of people. Instead of reaching a handful of customers from your phone, it lets you instantly broadcast the same message to thousands of people at once. Here are some of its advantages:

One message, many receivers

You craft a single text, and a cloud-based platform sends it out to your entire list, creating individual conversations with each recipient.

Fast and effective

Reach thousands with a few clicks, saving you time and effort compared to individual messages

Direct and personal

Texts land directly on people's phones, maximizing engagement and open rates.

Versatile uses

Share updates, alerts, promotions, reminders, and more – the possibilities are endless!

How can I send 1,000 text messages at once?

Here's how you can send 1,000 text messages or more at once and become a mass text messaging pro:

Craft Your Catchy "Textword"

Imagine a special keyword, like "PIZZADEAL" or "EVENTRSVP." This is your text word, the magic phrase people text to join your list. Each text word represents a unique group to message. Create as many as you need!

Build Your Subscriber List

Share your text everywhere! Websites, social media, flyers - shout it out! People text it to join. Remember: only message those who opt in, respect is key!

Send your bulk texts

Ready to send? Compose your message, target the desired textword group, and hit send! Schedule Text Message in advance for perfect timing, or send them instantly. Simple!

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Mass texting service for businesses can be used for:

Personalized experiences:

Craft targeted offers, updates, and support to build loyalty and satisfaction.

Time-Sensitive Alerts:

Keep everyone informed with critical updates on emergencies, disruptions, or changes.

Marketing & Promotions:

Drive sales with exclusive deals and discounts delivered directly to your audience.

Mass texting service for nonprofits can be used for:

Boost Event Participation:

Send timely reminders with key details to ensure maximum attendance at fundraising galas, volunteer workshops, or awareness campaigns.

Notify members of the community about important information

Send out emergency notifications, weather alerts, or information about upcoming events.

Expand Your Volunteer Base:

Spread the word about volunteer opportunities with clear descriptions and application instructions. Quickly fill crucial roles and empower your cause.

Reaching out a volunteer and donor via mass texting services.svg

Some outstanding features of our Mass Text messaging Service

Import Mobile Numbers Easily

Add contacts from your existing clients in CSV or Excel format. Option to remove any invalid or landline numbers from the contact list.

Schedule Broadcast

Automate your marketing campaign, and schedule your bulk sms to avoid last-minute pushes.

Filter Numbers

Filter invalid numbers and landlines from your phone number lists so that texts are accidentally sent to them.

Forward Replies

Forward any incoming replies to an email address or mobile number for your convenience.


Personalize text and picture messages with individual names just like Mail Merge.

Multiple Accounts

Multi-user accounts available, every user will have access to their own campaigns and subscribers only.


Create unlimited groups for categorization purposes based on segments.


Create subscriber segments based on ZIP Code, Area Code, Date of Joining, and more!

Long Texts

Send text messages longer than 160 characters. Bulk SMS service splits messages automatically.

Send Pictures

Add images to your text messages to enhance your customers experience.

Tiny URL's

Generate trackable tiny URLs and include with bulk text messages

Automatic Opt-out

Opt-out are handled automatically as soon as some one replies STOP. (CTIA & MMA compliant)

Social Media

Facebook and Twitter integration: Post update on social network at the same time a text is sent out.


Real-Time SMS and MMS delivery reports, so you can see who received your messages.

Coupon Codes

Include unique mobile coupon redemption codes either from a set of uploaded redemption codes or auto generated ones.

Worldwide Support

Support for US, Canada, UK, Brazil and over more 800 carriers world wide.

How are Mass Text Messaging Services benefitting various industries?

We make mass messaging easy for your business


Bulk messaging is a great way to reach anyone in your congregation. Send service updates, Daily Devotionals, or SMS polls.

Retail Sector

Grow your business with a mobile Bulk text messaging service. Send coupons, promotions, and in-store events to customers.

Schools & Universites

Clear communication between schools and students is a must. Provide mass texting emergency alerts and event reminders.


Increase customer base and loyalty using mass texting service. Send coupons and take care of reservations in a new and improved way.

Stock Market Alerts

Keep clients informed of the latest moves in the stock market using mass texting

Law Firms

Keep in constant contact with your clientele. Link formal documents and provide needed info quickly.


Bring in new customers and retain old ones too. Bulk Texting gives you the ability to put more power in the customer's hands.

Bars & Clubs

Create a better environment for your guests and keep them coming back for more.

Staffing Agencies

Your vetting and hiring process just got easier. Stay in communication far better than ever before.

Golf Courses

Change how you interact with your customers and how they approach their next tee time.

Emergency Alerts

Don't delay when a message needs to be sent immediately. Use messaging to get mass text messages out fast.

Real Estate

Sell a house through text messaging. Provide new listings, pricing information, and so much more.

Spas & Salons

Provide a new way for customers to receive coupons and participate in events for your business.

Sports Leagues

Keeping everyone on the same page is an important part of running a sports league. Sending messages can help with that.

Is mass texting service for business
or Non-Profit profitable?

Mass text messaging service for business or Non-Profit can be a powerful and cost-effective marketing tool for businesses and non-profits. By carefully considering the factors mentioned below and implementing best practices, you can unlock the profit potential of this communication channel.

Key to Profitable Mass SMS: Engagement, not Numbers

  • Target Smart, Not Hard: Ditch one-size-fits-all. Segment audiences for laser-focused messages that relate easily.

  • Find Your Frequency Sweet Spot: Don't be a ghost or a spammer. Discover the perfect messaging frequency for maximum impact.

  • Negotiate for Value: Secure competitive rates and explore features like two-way texting for a powerful SMS punch.

  • Personalize for Power: Ditch generic blasts. Use names, purchase history, or promos to grab attention and drive conversions.

  • Stay Compliant, Build Trust: Follow SMS regulations (TCPA, CTIA) to avoid fines and build trust with your audience.

  • Data Driven Decisions: Track metrics and use insights to continuously refine your campaigns for maximum ROI.

Remember, Engagement is Key, It's not about mass texts, it's about sparking action and loyalty through engagement.

Is it legal to send mass texts?

Yes, but with key conditions. You must have the recipient's clear permission before sending mass text messages, and provide an easy way to opt out using keywords like "STOP." Follow these rules and you can use mass texting legally and effectively.

Here's what you need to know:

1. Make Sure People Want Your Texts:

Before hitting "send," get each person's clear okay to receive messages. You can do this through:

  • Text-to-Join: Create a keyword and code people can text to sign up.
  • Website Forms: Explain what they're getting into before they sign up on your website.
  • Paper Forms: Get written permission that says what kind of messages they'll get.

2. Let People Say "No Thanks" Easily:

  • Always give people a simple way to stop getting your texts. Most texts should include words like STOP, CANCEL, END, UNSUBSCRIBE, or QUIT. Make sure your texting service understands these and removes people who use them.

Bonus Tips for Messaging Like a Pro:

  • Tell People Who You Are: Include your organization's name and contact info in every message.
  • Don't Text Too Much: People don't want to be bombarded, so send texts only when needed.
  • Send Texts They Want: Only send messages about things people signed up for.
  • Keep Up with the Rules: Laws might change, so stay updated on things like the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

By following these guidelines, you can use mass texting legally and effectively to connect with your audience. Remember, respecting people's choices and making it easy to opt out is key to building trust and avoiding legal issues.

Some useful Integrations for Mass Text Message Service


Connect your new-found text channels to all of your other zaps for streamlined integration. Above are only a few examples of what is possible.


Further, improve your customer relationship management skills by pairing TXTImpact with Zendesk.


Pair Salesforce with TXTImpact for an upgraded way to deliver the best customer relationship management possible.

Constant Contact

Simplify contact management by automatically syncing your contact lists using Constant Contact


Automatically sync the information you capture with MailChimp, it happens in real time and requires no intervention by you. Just set it and let the data flow.

RSA SecurID Token Delivery

Send RSA on-demand authentication tokens. Fast & Reliable Delivery to USA & Canada


Discover other Text Messaging features by TXTImpact

Elevate Business Communication. Effortless SMS Solutions for Small Businesses – Engage, Market, Connect!

Text Messenger

Start a conversation or respond to the customers using a web-based text Messenger application.

Text to Email

Receive text and MMS messages as an e-mail and send replies as a text message!

Outlook Text Message

Outlook Text Messaging Service allows users to send SMS Message to colleagues and customers from Microsoft Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, and Sharepoint 2010.

Email to Text

Send text/picture messages from any e-mail client. This includes, but is not limited to, Outlook, Lotus Notes, Gmail, Yahoo, company e-mail, and exchange server.

Appointment Reminders

Reduce your customer no-shows with automated text appointment reminders and follow-up systems and increases your bottom-line revenue

Recurring Text Messages

Send automated recurring text alerts on a preset schedule. Send same message or a different from the message pool. Ideal for daily verse, payment, medication reminders.

International SMS Service

Send text messages to over 800 operators in over 200 countries and reach billions of mobile users.

Click to Text Form

Convert website visits, allow customers to initiate a text conversation with your business right from the website.

Mobile App

Our best bulk texting app enables businesses to send bulk text messages to any person or group using the iOS or Android app.

Excel to Text Message

Send personalized bulk text messages from within Excel without logging into our online SMS Marketing platform!

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