How Mass Text Helps To Boost Your Sales

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Smartphone has basically changed the way you are doing business with your customers. Text your subscribers, prospects, employees and customers and know how to boost your sales by using text method.

1. Using business texting getting more leads:

Whenever there is something to sell, you must have a market and know where to sell. Well, you may send mass texting to a huge base of customers, and they will be your potential customers. Well, there is a popular format by which you may send promotional text along with the contact number of your business. Phone to call is a popular option and it’s seen that maximum people use this option to call. While starting this conversation, you have to give your customers a reason to interact. Mainly the reason for texting could be the following reasons.

• Asking them to get an estimate or free quote of the service you offer.

• You can give your customers an opportunity to call and ask an appointment for a demo.

• You may share promos and coupons that will increase sales.

• You may ask a general question where your target audience will give an answer.

By opting the texting option that won’t radically bring business, but that will create leads that can be converted to business in future.

2. Confirm leads through texting:

While the business owners spend a hefty amount of money towards creation of leads and thereby converting them to leads, you can do the same activity in a much lesser amount spent. Well, send SMS to your contacts from the database and then you will see then convert to business leads. Whenever you get an information from a prospect, there are three questions in your mind that you need to clarify.

• If this information is correct or not.

• If the customer can make it to the next level or not.

• If you can communicate with this person as required.

Sit with your marketing team and analyse who is the most suitable person to invest upon. If you get your answers right, go after the client as its worthy spending resources on it. After studying the prospects it was revealed by a study made by FranchiseHelp, saying that when the customers say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ that would take you to the next level. After answering the question the chances of sales to the potential customer will be much more. Leads that were texted produced 209% higher response rate and also increased engagement.

3. Using business texting following up and closing a deal:

You may use text survey to determine how serious a potential customer or a lead could be. In fact, after a lead is generated, there are many other steps involved that would lead to close a sale. There are certain facts the employees need to give emphasis upon, so that the lead can convert to sales. But there should be some analysis over the same.

• The sales person might be incompetent or maybe easily given up to situation.

• The processes that lead to the next step might fall through the cracks.

• Maybe the salesman never reached the prospect.

• The competitor might get the prospect first before you have even reached, maybe.

A survey says that at least 99% of the texts are opened and read. The texts are said to have 45% response rate and at least 90 seconds of time to reply. You may compare text to emails and 90% from those received would prefer to call from text. Average it requires 5-10 follow ups to convert a lead to a customer. Whoever responds fast has a tendency of winning over the competition.

4. Scheduling, confirming and rescheduling appointments through text:

Make the process of texting a bit personal rather than automated. Yes, you can make use of automated response, but take a bit of personal care so as to schedule and confirm the appointments through texting method. You can confirm appointments through texts, and that would ultimately increase sales and add money to your pocket.

• You may confirm texts automatically, through messages that are time triggering.

• You may personally drop a message in a group, making sure that is read by all.

• From taking the text to a personal level make its individual; earn the potential customer’s heart through the message.

You may reschedule your appointments through texts. When your customer says he has no time for your appointment, you have to accept that wholeheartedly and say ‘no worries’. In one word, business texting would help you keep up to time, make appointments and at the same time, streamline the operations.

Business texting can be taken as the most effective way to establish connect with your customer and make him a contributor. Text messages are nothing but a two way communication that gives your business a reliable way to reach the target audience.

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