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Grow business, engage customers and employees using Text Messaging


Text messaging is a great way to reach anyone in your congregation. Send service updates, Daily Devotionals, or SMS polls.

Retail Sector

Grow your business with a mobile text messaging service. Send coupons, promotions, and in-store events to customers.

Schools & Universites

Clear communication between schools and students is a must. Provide emergency alerts and event reminders.

Call Centers

Reduce call center cost and improve customer satisfaction by letting callers contact by text message

Financial Sector

Send a bill payment alert, a stock market change, or any important financial transaction alert.

Law Firms

Keep in constant contact with your clientele. Link formal documents and provide needed info quickly.


Bring in new customers and retain old ones too. Texting gives you the ability to put more power in the customer's hands.


Increase customer base and loyalty using text messaging. Send coupons and take care of reservations in a new and improved way.

Staffing Agencies

Your vetting and hiring process just got easier. Stay in communication far better than ever before.

Golf Courses

Change how you interact with your customers and how they approach their next tee time.

Health Care

Beyond just appointment reminders, keep your patients in touch with all office news.

Radio Stations

Have your listeners stay around a little longer by participating in giveaways and updates.

Trucking & Transport

Communicate with your fleet and customers in a way that is more convenient to them.

Emergency Alerts

Don't delay when a message needs to be sent immediately. Use texting to get a lot of messages out fast.

Print & Online Advertising

Change the way you advertise by including texting as a new medium.

Entertainment Acts

Get your name out there and keep it in the minds of your fans. Use texting to connect better than before.

Spas & Salons

Provide a new way for customers to receive coupons and participate in events for your business.

Sports Leagues

Keeping everyone on the same page is an important part of running a sports league. Texting can help with that.

Real Estate

Sell a house through text messaging. Provide new listings, pricing information, and so much more.

Bars & Clubs

Create a better environment for your guests and keep them coming back for more.

Mobile CRM

Customer Relations can be seamless with the connectivity that texting offers.

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