Business Text Message Service

Two-way business texting that connects you with your customers

Mass Texting

Utilize the capability to send text message to hundreds of recipients at once!

MMS Capabilities

Include images or videos embedded in text form.

Customer Grouping

Create subscriber segments based on Zipcode, Area Code, Date of Joining, etc.


Personalize Text and Picture Messages with individual names.

Schedule Messages

Schedule text messages for future delivery

Excel Add-In

Send mass personalized text messages directly from Excel

Text Messenger

Send & receive text message online

Rapid Text Response

Send a text message or respond to incoming text messages inquiries instantly.

100% Web Based

No software to install, work directly from your web browser.

TXTImpact App

Send messages via the TXTImpact mobile application for on-the-go work.

Business Text Number

Text enable your business landline or 800 number

Chrome Extension

Send and respond to text messages directly from Chrome.

Multi-Channel Texting

Send Text From Outlook

Supports Outlook 2007 & 2010
Integrate the usefulness of Outlook into your text messaging services with services certified to work.

Email to SMS

Versatile Options
This feature works well with call centers, help desks, law firms, insurance agents, etc.

Send Text From Our App

All the options you would normally have on the dashboard is also available on our mobile app.

Text to Email

Receive Pictures & Text Messages to an email. Use Local number, Toll-Free, or existing landline. Great tool for customer service.

Additional Features

Appointment Reminders

Reduce no-shows with automated text appointment reminders and follow-up system

Recurring Text Messages

Send refreshingly new content to subscribers daily, weekly, monthly, or annual.

Click to Text Form

Allow website visitors to initiate a text message chat using the chat widget

Texting Integrations


Connect your new-found text channels to all of your other zaps for streamlined integration. Above are only a few examples of what is possible.
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Further improve your customer relationship management skills by pairing TXTImpact with Zendesk.
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Pair Salesforce with TXTImpact for an upgraded way to deliver the best customer relationship management possible.
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