Find Best Way to Improve Healthcare Hiring and Staff Communications With Text Message

The healthcare sector is undergoing a technological revolution. The new equipment, treatment techniques, and software are providing greater insight and responses to major diseases like the recent COVID-19. And with the increasing impact of the global pandemic, the healthcare sector is amid a healthcare professional shortage and lack of non-clinical staff.

Getting highly-qualified and experienced healthcare professionals for interviews as early as possible is of prime importance. But it becomes a daunting task in this highly competitive healthcare employment and recruitment market. Healthcare organizations are in a situation to compete for the small pool of qualified candidates to ensure their teams contain the necessary providers to deliver high-quality care.

Quick and effective communication are key for getting in front of the best candidate available. Conventional methods like email and phone calls are becoming less effective in reaching out to the right candidates promptly. Most healthcare companies have started using an SMS marketing strategy that meets employees where they are.

Why SMS marketing is considered the best strategy for healthcare hiring?

Text marketing is considered one of the most simplest and effective tools for talent acquisition campaigns. A recent report from the Pew Research Center states that almost 95% of Americans own a mobile phone. That indicates that not just Millenials, but the older generations use a mobile phone. And a Glassdoor survey report says that 89% of job seekers say that they use a mobile phone as an important tool to search for jobs.

Furthermore, the online text message has a 100% open rate, and around 90% of the text messages are read within the first 3 minutes of their delivery. Studies have also proved that the response rate for SMS is higher than any other form of communication. These are the important reasons why it's time to implement SMS marketing into the healthcare hiring strategy.

How can Mass Text messaging helps in healthcare hiring?

So, how can this exceptional communication method support the hiring process of healthcare organizations?

1. Text message to apply for jobs

Through group texting, you can send a keyword to the candidates through text message and ask them to send it to a specific number to apply for the job. This way you can make the potential candidates get to the application process right from their phone.

2. Text to receive new job alerts

Speed up your recruitment process and keep the candidates in the loop by making them opt-in for your business text messaging service. This can let them get alerts instantly on any new openings.

3. Text for company information

You can include a text call-to-action in your branding campaign. You can let the job seekers send a text message and receive a link to your company video. This can help them know about your company culture, workplace environment, and more. Besides, it can create a brand image and help in getting more qualified candidates for your concern. Thus, text marketing can also be made in a more fun and engaging way.

4. Text to schedule interviews and send reminders

You can schedule text messages to send reminders about the interviews to the selected candidates. You can also send notifications on the required documents for the interview, important deadlines, and more.

5. Text to build your talent pool

If you will have seasonal openings, you can build a list of qualified candidates to be added to the pool. You can do this by making them send a text to add to the talent pool. For example, you can send a text message like "Text JOIN ABC" to 22222 to get notified when positions open. Or you can also send them an automatic survey text message asking one or two screening questions before adding their name and contact information to the talent pool list.

6. Text to send application status update

You can send follow-up text messages regarding the application status and when they will be having an interview.

How does text marketing help in staff communication in healthcare?
Texting is considered a fast, convenient, and simple way to convey information to multiple recipients at once. In a recent study, it was proved that texting enhanced patient care. SMS marketing can help with staff communication in the following

· Enhanced appointment scheduling

· Routine patient information can be shared with the trainees
· Notify any changes in shift

· Keep staff in the loop of important news on healthcare or your

· Supports internal marketing by promoting staff training

· Advertise staff achievements to foster better staff

While individual phone calls are time-consuming and distract the staff from patient care, SMS
marketing serves as an ideal channel for staff communication.

The bottom line

Adding text marketing to your healthcare recruitment strategy can transform your entire process, shortening it from a few months to a few days. SMS marketing for staff communication in healthcare can improve in-hospital communication, making it more secure and smarter than any other channel.

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