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MMS Picture Messaging and Marketing Software

TXTImpact MMS Picture Messaging is an end-to-end solution enabling businesses to send picture messages and deliver a rich text message to customers.

You can now combine text, pictures, photos, animations, videos, speech, and audio for the ultimate messaging experience.

An MMS (Multimedia Message) can be a photo or picture annotated with text, an audio clip, a photo or a video clip.

Advantages of MMS Picture Messaging

Businesses can now send text messages beyond the 160 characters in length using MMS.

Brands, advertisers, and businesses can deliver powerful messages with multimedia content and increase brand recognition, sales, promotions, and marketing.

Rather than talking about a new product, you can show it off.

Rather than describing a scene, you can send a video.

Rather than only using text, you can use a new medium to communicate more information, quicker.

TXTImpact provides solutions to send single or Mass MMS Messages using our web-based software. No downloads needed.

With the TXTImpact MMS Service you can launch Bulk MMS in seconds. Business can now send Mass Picture Messages to customers and set up MMS Autoresponder using online web portals.

MMS Marketing Software Features

MMS Developer API

Send and Receive Picture Messages (MMS) from your applications. Develop a media-rich mobile messaging application using simple HTTP APIs.

MMS Picture Message Marketing

Send enticing text messages with pictures or an engaging video promotion to mobile subscribers using a user-friendly portal.

Business MMS to Email

Receive MMS messages as an e-mail. E-mail to MMS creates an opportunity for field communication automation and productivity.

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