Revolutionize your Business Messaging with MMS Picture Messaging!

Send engaging picture messages with multimedia content to customers. Upgrade your messaging game today!

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MMS Picture Messaging and Marketing Software

Looking for a powerful marketing tool that can help you enhance your business communication?

Look no further than TXTImpact MMS Picture Messaging! Our end-to-end solution enables businesses to send engaging picture messages with rich multimedia content to their customers. With MMS, you can combine text, pictures, photos, animations, videos, speech, and audio for the ultimate messaging experience. Whether it's a photo or picture annotated with text, an audio clip, a photo or a video clip, MMS provides a new medium for businesses to communicate more information, quicker. Experience the power of MMS messaging with TXTImpact today!

MMS Marketing Software Features

MMS Developer API

Send and Receive Picture Messages (MMS) from your applications. Develop a media-rich mobile messaging application using simple HTTP APIs.

MMS Picture Message Marketing

Send enticing text messages with pictures or an engaging video promotion to mobile subscribers using a user-friendly portal.

Business MMS to Email

Receive MMS messages as an e-mail. E-mail to MMS creates an opportunity for field communication automation and productivity.

Advantages of MMS Picture Messaging

MMS messaging for brands and businesses

You can deliver powerful messages with multimedia content, leading to increased brand recognition, sales, promotions, and marketing of your brands.

You can showcase products and services through images, videos, animations, speech, and audio, making it easier to communicate information quickly and effectively

TXTImpact's MMS messaging solution

Enables businesses to send messages beyond the 160 character limit of text messages

Offers a convenient web-based software to send single or Mass MMS messages without the need for downloads
social media

Discover other SMS Marketing Features

TXTImpact's SMS Marketing solutions : Affordable, Smart, Engaging. Elevate your brand with targeted, automated campaigns for business growth.

SMS Autoresponder

An Autoresponder (Text Auto-Reply) allows customers to request real-time business or product information via a text message.

Text to Join

Contact collection via a "text-to-join" campaign is an easy to implement marketing tactic feature which allows mobile users to opt-in to a text marketing list. Collect name, email address, and zip code using this feature

Import Mobile Numbers

Import your existing clients' contacts from CSV or Excel. Option to remove any invalid or landline numbers from the list.

Schedule Text Message

Plan and schedule your mass texting campaign. Scheduling a text message or SMS marketing message is just as easy as sending them.

Merge Tags: Personalization

Personalizing helps businesses sell products and feel more connected to the customer.

Web Signup Form

Website Signup Widgets allow you to collect mobile numbers, names, and email addresses from the visitors of your website

Send From Phone

Do you stay on the road away from the computer most of the time? Enable send from phone option for your lists and send a text/MMS message directly from your phone.

Click-Through Link Tracking

Use trackable short links in your text messages and see which users were clicking which links.

Text to Win

Text To Win sweepstakes is a great option for SMS Marketing which involves your prospects and customers in a fun way.

Social Connect

With the TXTImpact Social Connect feature, when you send an SMS or MMS message to your audience either from online or from your phone.

Mobile Coupons

Send unique coupons to your customers through text messages, increasing loyalty, and customer satisfaction.

Birthday Wishes

Collect birthdays using the TXTImpact text to join campaign and our system will automatically send your customers birthday text messages, picture messages, and greeting cards!

Drip Messages

The drip messages will release a series of text or picture messages to a customer within minutes, hours, or days from the opt-in time.

Age Gate

Stay in compliance, add age-gate to your text to win campaigns to target only those who meet the age requirement.

Segment Subscribers

Create subscriber segments based upon subscriber’s data like area code, date subscribed, date of birth, age, and any of the custom fields.

Texting with Emojis

The TXTImpact Mobile Engagement Platform supports emojis across all campaigns and all triggered messages.

Store Locator

Customers can request sales flyers, deals, or coupons from stores near their location.

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