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Picture and Video Marketing

Video and Picture Message Marketing Software

The MMS Marketing Software provides an opportunity for marketers to send MMS picture and video messages to subscribers.

MMS autoresponder, delivers engaging video or picture advertisements to build on demand of consumers and also build an opt-in list.

It does all of this by a one-time set-up and then can operate on its own.

Businesses can also incorporate a MMS Text to Win Campaign. This means a consumer can take a picture or shoot a video and send it as MMS to a shortcode to enter the campaign.

This is a great way to create interaction between business and consumer.

Marketers can also use the group MMS feature to send a video or picture message with text beyond 160 characters to opted-in mobile subscribers.

This includes mobile coupons with a barcode, a short video of a product, and many more options!

MMS Mobile Coupons

Businesses can send scannable MMS coupons to their customers using MMS Picture Messaging.

A customer can either text a keyword to receive a coupon or a business can send mass MMS mobile coupons to opt-in customers’ mobile phone numbers.

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Personaized Pictures

Send a different image to each recipient in your broadcast MMS, each person receives a personalized image. This can be great when you are reaching an audience that each bring something different to the table in terms of being a customer.

Different outfits, makeups, cars, or tools can be selected to interest a specific type of customer.

Merge Tags

Personalize MMS messages with merge tags such as name, e-mail address, or any of the custom fields for each recipient.

Merge tags in picture messages are similar to merge tags in e-mails.

Merge Tags are placeholders within the message. You can also define default merge field values to fall back on if the recipients merge tag data does not exist.

iCalenders and vCards

You can also send vCards(.vcf) or iCalendar(.ical) through MMS API, e-mail to MMS or from the web portal User Interface.

You can also receive vCards and ACL from the users.

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