MMS Marketing: 12 Ways to Optimize Your SMS Marketing Strategy

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SMS messages are a powerful marketing tool to reach a wide range of audiences. The SMS open rate is around 98% and the highest compared to other marketing methods like emails. SMS Marketing is also proving to generate more return on investment and is a cost-effective strategy. It can be used by any business in any industry.

However, taking time to optimize your SMS marketing strategy will amplify the results and enhance the customer experience. But how do you create the perfect strategy to attract new customers and retain existing ones through SMS marketing?

Send Triggered Messages

Triggered messages are also known as automated replies or auto-responders. The business texting software will automatically send pre-determined responders to a customer’s message if the text has word(s) you listed in the trigger messages. This ensures that the customer will know you received the message and will work on it soon.

Targeted and Personalized Messages

Personalization is a must in today’s world. Customers like to receive updates and SMS messages about products/ services they like. Segment customers based on their purchase history, likes, and dislikes to send targeted SMS messages. That way, you don’t have to send a message to every contact on the list and can get more hits from the campaign.

Brevity and Clarity

An SMS message is 160 characters long. Restrict your message to the character count instead of sending a series of texts that should be read in order. Keep the message brief, concise, clear, and simple. Stick to simple words and basic grammar rules. People should understand the meaning after reading the message just once.

MMS Marketing

MMS (multimedia messaging service) is where you send images, gifs, infographics, and videos as a message. MMS Marketing is a part of SMS marketing, though it is more expensive. Statistics show that sending MMS messages increases customer engagement and business reach (people like to forward cute/ funny MMS messages).

Short Links/ URLs

Include shortened URLs or links to your business website in the SMS message. It allows customers to explore more about your business and choose a convenient communication channel. This also takes leads to the next level in the customer journey with your business.

Landing Pages

This point is linked to the previous one. Landing pages are known to increase the conversion rate. Create exclusive landing pages for your SMS marketing campaigns and add direct links to the message. Optimize the message and the landing page to convert more leads into sales.

Data Analytics

Tracking your campaigns and analyzing the opening rate, click-through rate, conversion ratio, etc., will help determine the success of your SMS marketing strategy. However, start collecting and analyzing data from the first day of the campaign. This reduces the risk of failure. You can tweak the strategy before it’s too late.

Timing and Frequency

When you send the SMS messages and how many you send per week should be carefully determined. Too few messages mean the customers might forget your business. Too many will annoy the customers and lead to more opt-outs. Use analytical reports to gather insights about customers’ preferences.

Update Database Regularly

Keep your contact database clean and up to date. Collect customers’ information to confirm phone numbers are still in use. Remove unresponsive and unused numbers from the list. You can save money by not sending bulk messages to numbers that are no longer in use.

Include Keywords

One way to use keywords is by creating a shortcode to add customers to your SMS marketing list. Another way is to grab their attention by highlighting the intent of the message. For example, emphasizing the words ‘offer’, ‘discount’, ‘deal’, ‘cashback’, etc., will make customers pay more attention to the message.

Sense of Urgency

Creating a sense of urgency in your message will nudge customers to take an action before missing the chance. Set a short expiry date for the vouchers, coupons, gift cards, etc., so that customers won’t delay their purchases until later.

Use Registered Number

Don’t send SMS marketing messages from personal or unknown numbers. Use your brand name to identify yourself in the message. Business texting providers will take care of this issue. You can even use your landline number for SMS campaigns or get a toll-free number.

Note that SMS marketing is a part of omnichannel marketing and is much more effective when integrated with other strategies like email marketing, SEO, SMM, etc.

TXTImpact is a US-based leading SMS marketing and business texting software provider. We have been helping small and medium businesses, agencies, marketers, and established brands with customized texting marketing solutions for affordable pricing. Our clients include educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, religious centers, government agencies, retailers, media, real estate, and establishments from other industries.

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