Business Phone Landline Texting

Landline Texting allows customers to send text messages to your existing business's toll-free or landline phone number.

The text messages from customers can be filtered to a business e-mail, Outlook, desktop computers, and smartphones. Business users can reply directly from those same mediums, including the TXTImpact app.

Landline texting gives businesses the ability to now have one number for voice and text.

No longer do they have to give out their personal mobile numbers for business.

Incorporating Texting To Your Landline

Ways it Functions in Various Industries

Order Refills

Refill orders including prescriptions or items that are used on a regular basis.

Questions Made Easier

Ask questions about a product, service, or business. Rather than calling, now customers have the ability to text in their general or specific questions.

Order Status

Check the status of an order. Rather than going online to check a tracking number, all a customer has to do is text your business's phone number.


Make, cancel, or confirm reservations all by text. Rather than taking up the host's time with phone calls, automate this by using keywords the customer can text to you.

Balance Checks

Instead of logging in to an app, customers can have the ability to check due dates and balances all by texting your business.

Store Locator

Rather than having to do research, if a customer knows your phone number, they can be provided a link to your location all by sending only one text.

Texting Creates a More Inviting Experience For The Customer

Consumers today are more responsive to text messaging over any other communication medium because they carry their phones with them wherever they go.

This is an opportunity for businesses to communicate using text messaging with mobile users, employees, field-staff and customers with their existing business phone number.

Why TXTImpact?

TXTImpact has been a leading SMS Service provider since 2006. With reliable and intelligent programs, we help you send as many texts as you need in as short of a time as possible.

Our program's dashboard is simple and takes no time at all to learn. You are encouraged to take advantage of all the SMS services we provide and are free to utilize them to impact your customers in a fulfilling way.

If you're looking for a service that you can trust and will take your business to the next level of marketing, you're looking for TXTImpact.

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