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Discover the power of seamless communication with TXTImpact! Elevate your messaging game with our curated collection of 105 ready-to-use SMS templates. Whether you're in the retail sector, healthcare, or any other industry, our templates are designed to captivate and engage your audience. From promotions and reminders to event notifications and personalized greetings, our templates cover it all. Unlock the potential of high-converting text campaigns with us and watch your business soar!

SMS Templates Categories:

Retail Stores:

In the ever-evolving world of retail, these meticulously designed SMS templates serve as your secret weapon to attract and retain customers. From exclusive offers and alluring promotions to unveiling new product arrivals, these templates establish a direct connection with your shopper community. SMS proves to be an invaluable tool for announcing limited-time sales events and keeping customers up-to-date with your latest offerings. Additionally, leverage SMS to engage and reward your loyal patrons, ensuring that they never miss out on the excitement your retail store has to offer.

Special Offer:

Enjoy 20% off your next purchase using code SUMMER20. See you at [Store Name]!

New Arrival Alert:

Check out our latest collection of [Product Category]. Explore now at [Website Link].

Limited Stock Notification:

Hurry, only a few left of your favorite [Product Name]. Get yours now at [Link].

Flash Sale:

Don't miss our 24-hour flash sale! Shop now at [Website] and save big.

Loyalty Reward :

Hello [Name], you've earned a $10 voucher at Glam Beauty. Show this text to redeem it during your next visit.


Entertainment Acts:

Stay connected with your fans through SMS. Share tour updates, ticket sales, and exclusive content to keep them excited and engaged. Utilize SMS to build anticipation and maintain a strong fan base for your entertainment acts.


Upcoming Show:

Hi [Name], get ready for a night of laughter with [Comedian Name] at [Venue] on [Date]. Buy your tickets now: [Link].

Music Release Alert:

Hey [Name], our new single "[Song Title]" is out now! Stream it on all major platforms and enjoy the beats.

Virtual Concert:

Hello [Name], join us for a virtual concert experience with [Band Name] on [Date] at [Time]. Get your tickets [Link].

Comedy Night:

Hi [Name], join us for a hilarious comedy night with [Comedian Name] on [Date] at [Venue]. Don't miss the fun!

Fan Interaction:

Hey [Name], want to ask [Artist Name] a question? Text it to us, and your question might be featured in our upcoming interview!

Spas & Salon:

Enhance customer loyalty and satisfaction using SMS marketing. Share special deals, appointment reminders, and beauty tips to keep clients engaged. Use SMS to provide a personalized touch that keeps them coming back for relaxation and pampering.

Appointment Reminder:

Hi [Client Name], your relaxing spa appointment is booked for [Date] at [Time]. Get ready to unwind!

New Treatment Alert:

Introducing our new [Treatment Name]! Pamper yourself with this rejuvenating experience. Book now at [Phone Number].

Refer-a-Friend Reward:

Share the love! Refer a friend to our salon and both of you get 20% off your next visit. Use code REFER20.

Special Offer:

Hi [Name], indulge in a spa package this weekend and receive a complimentary upgrade. Call [Number] to reserve your blissful experience.

Gift Voucher:

Hey [Name], looking for the perfect gift? Give the gift of relaxation with our spa gift vouchers. Purchase now: [Link].


Real Estate:


New Listing Alert:

Exciting news! A stunning property is available in [Neighborhood]. Check it out: [Listing Link].

Open House Reminder:

Don't miss our open house at [Address] on [Date] from [Time]. Explore your future home!

Mortgage Consultation:

Considering a new home? Our experts are here to guide you through the mortgage process. Call us at [Phone Number].

Property Tour Invitation

Hello [Name], explore [Address], our stunning property with [Features]. Join us for a guided tour on [Date] at [Time]. Register [Link].

Investment Opportunity

Hi [Name], interested in real estate investing? Discover profitable opportunities in [Location]. Attend our workshop on [Date] and learn more. Register [Link].


Sunday Service Reminder:

Join us this Sunday at [Time] for a meaningful service at [Church Name]. All are welcome!

Volunteer Opportunity:

Help us make a difference in the community. Volunteer for [Event/Project] and be a part of something great.

Scripture of the Day:

"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God." - Matthew 5:9. Reflect on this message today.

Bible Verse

"The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want." - Psalm 23:1. Reflect on these words today. - Faithful Church

New Visitor Welcome

Hello [Name], welcome to Peaceful Cathedral! We're excited to have you join our congregation. Feel free to ask any questions.


Gyms :

Elevate your members' fitness journey with timely SMS notifications. From announcing new classes and personalized training offers to hosting challenges and workout tips, SMS helps you inspire and motivate members towards their fitness goals. Be their fitness partner, providing guidance and encouragement.


Class Update:

Hey [Member Name], our [Class Name] will now be held at [Time] starting from [Date]. See you there!

Membership Renewal:

Your gym membership is expiring soon. Renew now and continue your fitness journey with us!

Fitness Tip:

Stay hydrated during your workouts for maximum performance. Drink water throughout your session.

Personal Training Offer

Hello [Name], achieve your fitness goals with a personal trainer. Get 20% off your first session. Call [Number].

Refer a Friend Deal

Hey [Name], refer a friend to our gym and both of you get a free week of membership. Spread the fitness love!

School & University:

Stay connected with students, parents, and faculty members effortlessly using SMS. Share important updates about class schedules, events, and admission deadlines. Keep everyone informed and engaged with timely notifications and reminders, enhancing communication within your educational institution.

Exam Schedule:

Dear students, your upcoming exams schedule is available on our website. Prepare well and give your best!

Parent-Teacher Meeting:

We invite parents for a meeting on [Date] to discuss your child's progress. Your involvement matters.

Campus Event:

Join us for the [Event Name] on [Date]. Celebrate with music, games, and food!

Parent-Teacher Meeting:

Hello [Name], join us for the Parent-Teacher meeting on [Date] at [Time]. Discuss your child's progress with teachers.

Campus Safety Tip:

Hey [Name], remember to lock your belongings. Campus Security cares for your safety. Report any concerns to [Number].


Financial Sector:

Empower your clients with financial insights and opportunities. Utilize SMS to keep them informed about account balances, investment options, loan approvals, and payment reminders. By delivering relevant information directly to their phones, you're ensuring they stay on top of their financial goals.


Account Update

Hello [Name], your recent transaction of $250 has been successfully processed. For more details, log in to your account.

Payment Reminder

Hi [Name], a friendly reminder that your credit card payment of $100 is due on [Date]. Avoid late fees, pay now.

Investment Opportunity

Hey [Name], discover a new investment opportunity with potential high returns. Learn more: [Link]

Security Alert

Important: Your account was accessed from a new device. If this wasn't you, please contact our support immediately.

Financial Planning Seminar

Hi [Name], join us for a free financial planning seminar on [Date] at [Location]. Reserve your spot: [Link]

Call Center:

Enhance your customer experience through personalized and efficient communication. From surveys and product announcements to service follow-ups, use SMS to gather feedback, inform customers about new offerings, and ensure their satisfaction. Build stronger relationships by staying in touch and addressing their needs promptly.

Customer Satisfaction Survey:

Hi [Name], we value your opinion! Kindly take a moment to rate your recent interaction with our call center. Your feedback helps us serve you better. Click [Link] to begin.

Service Update Notification:

Hello [Name], our call center will be closed for maintenance on [Date] from [Time]. We apologize for any inconvenience. For urgent assistance, please visit our website.

New Feature Preview:

Hey [Name], we're excited to introduce a new feature that will make your experience with us even better. Stay tuned for a call from our team to learn more!

Upcoming Webinar

Hi [Name], join our webinar on [Topic] next week. Get insights from industry experts. Reserve your spot: [Link]

Thank You for Choosing Us

Hello [Name], thanks for choosing our services. We're here to assist you whenever you need us. Have a great day!



Drive foot traffic and engage customers through SMS marketing. Share exclusive discounts, enticing coupons, and real-time menu updates to entice them to dine with you. Use SMS to streamline reservations, promote special events, and even keep employees informed about schedules and shifts.


Weekly Specials:

Hungry, [Name]? This week, enjoy 20% off on our mouthwatering [Dish Name]. Visit us at [Restaurant Name] and indulge in culinary delight.

Reservation Reminder:

Hi [Name], just a reminder about your reservation for two at [Restaurant Name] tomorrow at [Time]. We can't wait to serve you!

Chef's Special Event:

Join us for an exclusive evening with Chef [Chef Name]. Indulge in a gourmet experience on [Date] at [Time]. Limited seats available, book now at [Link].

New Menu Item

Hey [Name], introducing our latest creation: Spicy avocado burger. Try it today and awaken your taste buds!

Birthday Treat

Happy Birthday, [Name]! Visit us on your special day and receive a complimentary dessert. Just show this text.

Law Firms:

Forge a stronger connection with your clients by providing legal guidance right at their fingertips. Send legal tips, updates about their cases, invitations to seminars, and even offer free consultations through SMS. Strengthen trust and offer peace of mind by keeping them informed every step of the way.

Appointment Confirmation:

Hi [Client's Name], your consultation with [Lawyer's Name] is set for [Date] at [Time]. Please reply 'C' to confirm or 'R' to reschedule. See you soon!

Legal Tips & Updates:

Stay informed with legal insights! Did you know [Interesting Legal Fact]? Knowledge is power in legal matters. - [Law Firm Name]

Case Progress Update:

Good news, [Client's Name]! Your case has moved to the next stage. Our team is dedicated to achieving the best outcome for you.>/p>

Contract Review Offer

Hey [Name], concerned about a contract? Let our experts review it for you. Special offer for our clients. Call [Number].

Legal News Bulletin

Stay informed: New changes in immigration laws could affect you. Read more: [Link]


Staffing Agencies:

Efficiently manage shifts and schedules with SMS. Keep employees updated about their work assignments, shifts, and any changes in a convenient manner. Improve communication, reducing confusion and ensuring smooth operations within your staffing agency.


New Job Opportunity:

Exciting job alert! We've found a position that matches your skills. Check out the details at [Link]. Reply 'YES' to apply.

Interview Reminder:

Hi [Candidate's Name], your interview with [Company Name] is scheduled for [Date] at [Time]. Get ready to shine!

Temporary Assignment Update:

[Employee's Name], your temporary assignment at [Client's Name] has been extended for [Duration]. We appreciate your hard work!

Welcome Aboard:

Welcome to the team, [Name]! Your first day at [Company Name] is on [Date]. We're excited to have you.

Job Fair Announcement:

Attention job seekers! Join us at the [Job Fair Name] on [Date] at [Location]. Explore exciting career opportunities.

Golf Courses:

Enhance golfers' experience by using SMS to notify them about tee times, weather updates, and special events at the course. Share exclusive offers and promotions to encourage frequent visits. Utilize SMS to keep both players and staff in the loop about course activities.

Tee Time Reminder:

Hey there, [Golfer's Name]! Your tee time at [Golf Course Name] is booked for [Date] at [Time]. Get ready to enjoy a great round!

Special Event Invitation:

Join us for our Annual Golf Tournament on [Date]. Swing into action and win fantastic prizes. Register now at [Link].

Membership Renewal Notice:

Hello [Member's Name], your golf club membership is up for renewal. Renew today and continue enjoying exclusive perks and tee times.

Golf Lesson Reminder

Hi [Name], your golf lesson with Coach Davis is tomorrow at 3 PM. Get ready to improve your game at Eagle's Peak Golf Academy.

Course Maintenance Alert

Hey [Name], Green Fairways Golf Course will be closed for maintenance on [Date]. We'll be back to offer you the best playing conditions.



Stay connected with patients and provide them with vital information using SMS. Send appointment confirmations, health tips, medication reminders, and important updates about their health. Enhance patient care by keeping them informed and engaged in their well-being.


Appointment Reminder:

Hi [Patient's Name], your upcoming appointment with Dr. [Doctor's Name] is scheduled for [Date] at [Time]. Please remember to bring any necessary documents. See you soon!

Prescription Refill Notification:

Hello [Patient's Name], it's time to refill your prescription for [Medication Name]. You can request a refill through our website or call [Phone Number]. Stay healthy!

Wellness Tips:

Hi there! Did you know that staying hydrated can improve your overall health? Remember to drink enough water throughout the day for better well-being.

Health Seminar

Hello [Name], don't miss our free health seminar on [Date] at [Location]. Learn about healthy habits and preventive care. RSVP [Link].

Flu Shot Reminder

Hi [Name], flu season is here. Schedule your flu shot at Wellness Center and protect yourself and your family.

Radio Station:

Keep listeners engaged and informed about upcoming shows, contests, and special broadcasts through SMS. Share behind-the-scenes insights and encourage audience participation. Use SMS to strengthen the bond between your radio station and its dedicated listeners.

Tune-in Reminder:

Hey music lover! Tune in to [Radio Station Name] today at [Time] for a special show featuring your favorite hits. Don't miss out!

Song Request:

Hi there! We'd love to play your favorite song on [Radio Station Name]. Text us the song title and artist, and we'll make it happen.

Exclusive Interview Alert:

Exciting news! We're hosting an exclusive interview with [Artist Name] tomorrow at [Time]. Get the inside scoop on their latest album. Tune in to [Frequency] or [Website Link].

Daily News Recap

Hey [Name], stay updated with today's top news stories on [Station Name]. Listen in at [Time] or visit our website [Link].

Upcoming Event Promo

Hi [Name], get ready for our music festival on [Date] at [Location]. Buy your tickets now and enjoy a day of live performances!


Trucking & Transport:

Efficiently manage logistics with SMS updates. Notify drivers about route changes, delivery schedules, and real-time traffic updates. Stay in touch with your team on the road, ensuring smoother operations and timely deliveries.


Delivery Confirmation:

Hello! Your package from [Sender's Name] is out for delivery and expected to arrive today between [Time Range]. Track your package at [Tracking Link].

Shipment Delay Notice:

Hi [Customer's Name], we apologize for the delay in your shipment. Due to unforeseen circumstances, it will arrive on [New Estimated Date]. We appreciate your patience.

Driver Safety Reminder:

Safety first! Our drivers follow strict safety protocols to ensure timely and secure deliveries. Thanks for choosing [Transport Company Name] for your transportation needs.

Special Freight Rate

Hey [Name], for a limited time, enjoy reduced freight rates for long-haul deliveries. Contact us at [Number] to book.

Service Update

Hello [Name], our maintenance team will be performing routine checks on our fleet. Some services might experience minor delays. Thank you for your understanding.

Emergency Alerts:

Ensure the safety of your community by utilizing SMS for emergency alerts. Rapidly communicate critical information, evacuation procedures, and safety instructions during emergencies. Deliver information directly to residents' phones, helping them stay safe and informed.

Urgent Weather Update:

Alert: Severe thunderstorms expected in your area. Stay indoors and take necessary precautions. Safety first! - Local Emergency Services

Evacuation Notice:

Evacuation Alert: Due to [Reason], immediate evacuation ordered for [Area]. Follow designated routes to safety. More info at [Website].

Missing Person Alert:

Urgent: [Name], [Age], [Description] is missing. If seen, contact [Phone Number] or reply to this message. Your help matters!

Safety Tips

Hi [Name], in case of an earthquake, remember to drop, cover, and hold on. Stay safe and protect yourself!

Emergency Drill Alert

Hi [Name], an emergency drill will take place on [Date] at [Time]. Please follow instructions and remain calm during the drill.


Print & Online Advertising:

Boost your advertising campaigns with SMS. Deliver exclusive offers, early access to sales, and promotional codes to drive engagement and sales. Use SMS to create a direct line of communication between your brand and your audience, increasing the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Ready to Use SMS Templates.png

Limited-Time Offer:

Exclusive Offer Alert! Show this SMS at our store to get 20% off your purchase. Valid until [Date]. Happy shopping!

New Collection Launch:

Exciting News! Discover our latest [Product Category] collection online now. Explore styles at [Website] and be on trend!

Discount Code Unveiled:

Ready to save? Use code SAVE15 for 15% off your online order. Shop now at [Website] and elevate your style!

Webinar Invitation

Hi [Name], join our live webinar on [Date] at [Time]. Learn expert strategies for [Topic]. Reserve your spot now: [Link].

Customer Testimonial

Hey [Name], read how [Customer Name] transformed their business with our services. Check out their success story: [Link].

Sports Leagues:

Keep players, coaches, and fans informed about game schedules, practice times, and important updates through SMS. Promote team spirit by using SMS to share motivational messages and encourage participation in events.

Game Day Reminder:

Game Day Alert: Get ready to cheer for our team at [Event Name] tonight at [Time]. Let's bring home the win!

Player Recruitment Drive:

Join Our Team: We're recruiting talented players for the upcoming season. Showcase your skills at tryouts on [Date] at [Location].

Championship Victory Announcement:

We're Champions! Thanks to your support, we clinched the title at [Championship Name]. Celebrate with us at [Victory Event Details].

Fan Engagement:

Hi [Name], show your team spirit by joining our fan meet-up on [Date] at [Location]. Meet fellow fans and enjoy the camaraderie.

Championship Celebration:

Hey [Name], we did it! Join us for the championship celebration party on [Date] at [Venue]. Let's celebrate our victory together!


Bars & Clubs:

Boost foot traffic to your establishment by using SMS for promotions and event announcements. Share exclusive drink offers, themed nights, and live entertainment updates. Keep patrons engaged and excited about visiting your bar or club.


Thirsty Thursday Special:

Hey party-goers! Join us this Thursday for Thirsty Thursday. All drinks are 50% off from 7 PM to 9 PM. Let's raise a toast!

VIP Weekend Access:

As a VIP, enjoy exclusive access to our club this weekend. Skip the line and groove to the beats with your friends. See you on the dance floor!

Live Music Night:

Get ready for an electrifying night of live music at [Club/Bar Name]. This Saturday, [Band/Artist Name] is taking the stage. Reserve your spot now!

Happy Hour Promo:

Hey [Name], enjoy 2-for-1 drinks during our happy hour from [Time] at [Bar Name]. Bring your friends and unwind!

Special Event:

Hello [Name], join us for a fun-filled karaoke night on [Date] at [Club Name]. Sing your heart out and win exciting prizes!

Mobile CRM:

Enhance customer relationship management through SMS. Stay connected with personalized messages, product recommendations, and order updates. Utilize SMS to foster loyalty and provide a seamless customer experience.

Product Demo Reminder:

Hi [Name], your personalized product demo is scheduled for [Date] at [Time]. We're excited to show you how our CRM can transform your business!

Feature Spotlight:

Discover the power of automation with our CRM's latest feature. Say goodbye to manual tasks and hello to increased efficiency. Learn more at [Link].

Upgrade Offer:

Ready to take your CRM experience to the next level? Upgrade now and enjoy 20% off on our advanced plan. Elevate your business success today!

Personalized Offer:

Hi [Name], we've curated a special offer just for you based on your preferences. Check it out here: [Link].

Event Invitation:

Hey [Name], join us at our exclusive customer appreciation event on [Date] at [Location]. RSVP now to secure your spot: [Link].

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