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Simplify your survey game with TXTImpact – sending text surveys made simple

Text surveys offer a straightforward and swift method to gather essential information for your business or organization. Whether you're seeking opinions, conducting polls, or collecting general feedback, using text messaging simplifies the process.

At TXTImpact, we are your trusted partner for powering Text surveys and automating the feedback collection process. Our service is highly customizable and completely automated.

The Benefits of SMS Surveys

Quick Customer Feedback

Receive fast and actionable feedback from your customers.

Up-to-Date Data Collection

Keep your insights current and relevant.

Adaptive Sequences

Customize your messages based on customer responses for a personalized approach.

Cost-Effective Data Collection

Gather essential data without breaking the bank.

What is Text Survey?

A text survey is a way to collect feedback through text messages. Questions are sent via SMS, and respondents reply with their answers. It's a simple and convenient method for gathering opinions and insights, especially for those without internet access.

Using text messaging makes it easier to gather feedback in general or to conduct surveys and polls. Brands, agencies, mobile advertising, and other organizations can receive quick customer feedback on a specific event or action by using TXTImpact's Text Survey tool.

An SMS survey can be completed on any text-enabled phone, in contrast to any internet survey that needs a smartphone. You can use text messaging for carrying out the NPS or Pulse surveys. With the use of the Text Survey module, you can collect user demographics and data, register users, create questionnaires for meetings, measure customer satisfaction, perform market research, and much more.

How TXTImpact Text Message Surveys Work?

Text message surveys are a modernized approach to collecting feedback, and they're remarkably easy to set up. You can tailor them to your specific needs, from survey length to question types, and even personalized responses for better engagement. The best part is that it's all 100% automated. Let's dive into how our text message surveys work.

Getting Started With Text Survey

Step 1. Create

Create a text survey campaign; add multiple-choice or open-ended questions.

Step 2. Share/Send

Share your Keyword on various social media platforms and general advertising places. Send surveys to existing mobile lists.

Step 3. Analyze

Export responses to spreadsheets for analysis.

Key Features

Quick Collection

Fast collection of information for immediate processing

Advanced Survey Logic

Applying logic to your survey, lets you define how the respondents move through your survey.

Customer initiated or send the survey

Either customer can initiate a survey by texting a keyword to the text number or you can send the survey to existing customers.

Zapier Integration

Trigger a survey from Zapier now or gather completed survey data to move in any Zapier connected application.

Rest API enabled

Send text survey directly from your application or pull survey reports via REST APIs

Global Reach

Ability to reach respondents anytime, anywhere. More reliable than a phone call and checked more often than e-mails.

The Text Message Survey software allows you to create an interactive survey that is conducted on mobile phones using text message only.

It enables your customers to provide feedback and opinions on the go using their mobile phones.

An advantage of this software is that no additional administration is needed to register the response. You can encourage your target audience to participate in the survey by sponsoring prizes.

Apart from receiving valuable responses, you’re also building a database of mobile phone numbers which can be used for future mobile marketing campaigns or surveys.

Try Now


*27126 is for USA only
For Canada Text to 604-800-0446
UK: +44 7937947882
Australia: +61 447910440
See complete list of international texting number here

All Features

  • Multiple questions
  • Multiple-choice or open-ended response
  • Subscription list management (collect mobile numbers for future campaigns)
  • Works with a local number dedicated shortcodes
  • Send Text Survey Invitations to the participants
  • Direct input: Participants can text a keyword to text number to take the survey
  • Powerful Reporting Tools: View your results as they are collected in real-time
  • Advance Graphed Results/Charts
  • Individual Responses
  • Data Import/Export: Download your results
  • Email notifications
  • WebHooks to post data to your web server
  • Advanced Survey Logic, lets you define how the respondents move through your survey.
  • Support for text longer than 160 characters
  • Zapier Integration

Zendesk Integration: Step by Step

Step 1:

Create Survey campaign

Step 2:

Setup your questions and response options

Step 3:

Click On “Enable Zendesk”

Step 4:

Enter Zendesk Domain, Login Email address and Zendesk API key
(You can view your API key(s) or generate one from Zendesk admin tools and selecting the API option.)

Step 5:

Once you save the campaign it will create one External Target.

Step 6:

Create the automation/Trigger steps to send our surveys based on ticket status or specific segment of users

Zendesk survey (2).gif

Implementing a SMS Text Survey

The survey can have several questions and each text message contains one question.

It’s the easiest and fastest way to find out what your customers are thinking because these surveys can be created in minutes.

So How Exactly Does It Work?

Your customer or users participate in the survey by sending a text message to a specified shortcode or you can send a text message to invite them to answer a series of multiple-choice or free text questions.

And What About The Results?

The results are updated in real-time and are available online for review. It provides a reliable, cost-effective, and efficient means of soliciting relevant and useful information from the populace. The information collected can be used in decision making.

TXTImpact's text surveys can be tailored for various industries:


Collect parent feedback after parent-teacher conferences.


Gather customer opinions about menu items and dining experiences.


Enable members to rate their workouts and classes.


Engage with the congregation for mass times and events.


Solicit feedback on products and customer support.

Sport Leagues

Conduct sports-related surveys to optimize practice schedules.


Gather insights about patient experiences in healthcare.

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Industrial SMS Survey Stats

98%Open Rate
45%Response Rate
45%Cost Savings

How To Set Up A Text Survey Campaign


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