Text Message Surveys

Integration With Businesses and Services

Getting Started With Surveys

Step 1. Create

Create text survey campaigns and add multiple choice questions.

Step 2. Share/Send

Share your Keyword on various social media platforms and general advertising places. Send survey to existing numbers on list.

Step 3. Analyze

Export responses to spreadsheets for analysis.

Text SMS Survey is a module of TXTImpact’s SMS marketing software that allows brands, agencies, small businesses, and mobile advertisers to obtain immediate feedback on a certain event or action from customers.

Run Pulse or NPS survey using text messaing.

You can do a lot with SMS Survey module, e.g. users demographics & data capture, registration, meeting reservation questionnaire and much more.

The Text Message Survey software allows you to create an interactive survey that is conducted on mobile phones using text message only.

It enables your customers to provide feedback and opinions on the go using their mobile phones.

An advantage of this software is that no additional administration is needed to register the response. You can encourage your target audience to participate in the survey by sponsoring prizes.

Apart from receiving valuable responses, you’re also building a database of mobile phone numbers which can be used for future mobile marketing campaigns or surveys.

Key Features

Quick Collection

Fast collection of information for immediate processing

Global Reach

Ability to reach respondents anytime, anywhere. More reliable than a phone call and checked more often than e-mails.

Fast Reaction

Fast and proactive reaction to deviations with limits and alarms.

All Features

  • Multiple questions

  • Multiple choice or Free Text Question Type

  • Subscription list management (collect mobile numbers for future campaigns)

  • Works with a local number, shared or dedicated shortcodes

  • Send Text Survey Invitations to the participants

  • Direct input: Participants can text a keyword to shortcode to take the survey

  • Powerful Reporting Tools: View your results as they are collected in real-time

  • Advance Graphed Results/Charts

  • Individual Responses

  • Data Import/Export: Download your results

  • Email Reports

  • WebHooks to post data to your web server

Implementing a Text Survey

The survey can have several questions and each text message contains one question.

It’s the easiest and fastest way to find out what your customers are thinking because these surveys can be created in minutes.

So How Exactly Does It Work?

Your customer or users participate in the survey by sending a text message to a specified short code or you can send a text message to invite them to answer a series of multiple-choice or free text questions.

And What About The Results?

The results are updated in the real-time and are available online for review. It provides a reliable, cost-effective and efficient means of soliciting relevant and useful information from the populace. The information collected can be used in decision making.

How To Set Up A Campaign

Zendesk Integration: Step by Step

Step 1:

  • Create Survey campaign

Step 2:

  • Setup your questions and response options

Step 3:

  • Click On “Enable Zendesk”

Step 4:

  • Enter Zendesk Domain, Login Email address and Zendesk API key
    (You can view your API key(s) or generate one from Zendesk admin tools and selecting the API option.)

Step 5:

  • Once you save the campaign it will create one External Target.

Step 6:

  • Create the automation/Trigger steps to send our surveys based on ticket status or specific segment of users

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