Texting Trivia

Linking Businesses to Their Customers

TXTImpact Text Trivia service allows brands and marketers to create single or multi-questions text message trivia games. The users can participate by sending in a keyword or answer to the first question of the quiz as posted online, on TV, or live event. Trivia games are fun and easy to play. They generate brand interaction and increase business traffic. SMS Quizzes are perfect solutions for digital marketing, live events, or engage employees.

Prompt customers and visitors to engage and interact with products and services and increase product awareness and impulse buying.

These games prompt participants to answer a question and are typically used in promotions where consumers view a question on a product package and text in an answer.

Creating a Text Trivia Game

Key Features

Multi-Faceted Questioning

Participants can answer based on an advertisement, on-pack promotion, or can be prompted with an text message question.

Option to Extend

Trivia questions can be created on the fly for extending contests.

Single or Multiple Attempts

Trivia games can allow single or multiple attempts per question.

Competition Mode

Games can be played in a competition mode in which winners are selected based on correct answers only

Auto Responses

Auto-responses can be customized to include mobile coupons, mobile sites, images, videos, etc.

Easy Interface

A self-deployed web interface that can be easily used by non-technical staff.

Simple Management

The games are easy to manage and can be regularly reviewed.

Inclusive Access

Staff members can access comprehensive reporting, including the ability to download a participants list.

Live Broadcast

Broadcast live SMS quizzes and games on kiosks.

Types of SMS Trivia games

TXTImpact offers two types of SMS Trivia game service:

Single-question Trivia: These games provide participants to answer one question and are generally used in promotions where consumers view a question on a product package and text their answer.

Multi-Questions Trivia: In multi-questions trivia, a series of questions will be sent to the user.

The Two Modes of Trivia

Code Prompt:

The participant texts in a keyword (e.g. DIET) and receives a trivia question.

In Code Prompt mode, a different trivia question can be returned each time the participant plays the game.

Direct Input:

In this mode, the trivia question is displayed to the participant via a separate medium, such as a candy wrapper, live event, advertisement, TV/Radio Ads, or billboards.

The first message sent by the participant is the answer to the trivia question.

Key Benefits

Increased Buying

Increased product awareness and impulse buying.

Increased Traffic

Increased repeat traffic through relevant content.

Simple Formats

Simple text message game formats that generate interaction, fun and prizes

Trade Show Integration

Trade show exhibitors can attract traffic with text message quiz contest and games.

Giveaway Capability

Increase participation and repeat traffic through incentives such as “Five correct answers wins you a $5 gift card, 10 correct answers win you a $10 Amazon gift card”.

TV Integration

Broadcast trivia questions and quizzes at your venue on digital screens to increase participation.

Subscriber Growth

Grow your mobile subscribers list to be used at a later time.

Generated Interest

Generate customers’ interest in products or services by making texting fun.

Live Presentations

Engage audiences in live presentation or conferences.

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