What is a Texting Number?

Short Codes, Long Codes, and International

How does it work?

Step 1

Customer Initiation

Often times it is the customer who initiates the communication with the business. They will take notice of an advertised keyword and send it to the shortcode that it is paired with.

Step 2

Open Communication

This opens a dialogue between the business and the customer. Within protocol, the business can now send coupons, links, reminders, etc.

Step 3

Retaining Customers

Depending on the prompt given, the customer can text back or simply acknowledge the text given. They are always given the option to stop the texts or ask for assistance.

When a business decides to use texting as a form of communication with their customers, they need a number (AKA Sender ID) to do so.

This number can take the form of either a Short Code or a Long Code.

A Short Code is five to six numerical digits.

A Long Cide reads as a typical phone number would, with ten digits.

Mobile marketing

Short Codes

Short Codes are short and easy to remember. They are great to be shared at events, in stores, or online. They utilize a key word, typically one that is short and easy to remember, that is texted to the dedicated short code. Each keyword triggers different events depending on what the business has set it to do.

High Message Through Rate: 30 msgs/second
Unlimited Messages
High Delivery Rate
Good for Large Marketing Campaigns
High Volume Messaging
Real Time Delivery Reports
Unlimited API Access & Keywords

Long Codes

There are three different types of Long Codes. These include Toll-Free, Local, and Landline. Each are similar to each other but can serve different purposes depending on the needs of the business. All Long Codes only need minutes to set up and are more cost effective than a dedicated short code.


Good Replacement for Shared Short Codes
Run Marketing Campaign
Transfer Current Toll-Free Number
Customer Service Capabilities


Two-Way Conversation Over Text
Call Forwarding
Create New Number For Business


Forward Texts
Keep Current Number
Good for Appointment Reminders

Post online
Connected world

International Texting

To support two-way texting for international destinations, we offer a local texting number for over 33 countries out of which we provide a shared local number for over 12 countries.

Receive texts from international users

SMS campaigns require users to text a keyword to a texting number, such as opting into an SMS list or participate in an SMS polling.

SMS Replies From International Destinations

All country-specific local numbers are mapped to the short code 27126. This means you don’t need to worry about a sender ID for each country.

How Does Each Type of Texting Compare?

Short Code Toll-Free Landline Local
Number of Digits 5-6 10 10 10
Throughput High Medium Low Low
Startup Time High Low Low Low
Cost High Low Low Low

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