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A direction guide helping to find the most appropriate texting number for ones need

In Text Message Marketing your number is your identity. TXTImpact makes it easy to acquire and get started with the perfect number for your business.

Let's now see how to choose the right number for your Business Texting

Before you start sending SMS marketing messages, it is important to choose the right type of number for your business.

There are three main options:

Local Number or 10 Digit Long Code [Ex: (201) 123-4567 ]
Toll-Free Numbers or TFN [Ex: (800)/(888)/(877)/(866) 123-4567 ]
Dedicated Short Codes. (Ex: 34343)

The best type of number for your business will depend on your specific needs and budget. When evaluating these messaging options for your business, it is important to remember the amount of speed, deliverability, message reliability, and credibility you need. Each one comes with a different cost and has a unique approval and provisioning process.

How Does Each Type of Texting Compare?

Once you have considered above mentioned factors, you can start to narrow down your options by using the below table and choose the right type of number for your business.

Short Code10-DLCToll free
Number format34343(201) 123-4567(800) 123-4567
Cost$3,000 - 4,500 per quarter$5 per month$5 per month
Carrier Registration costIncludedApplies
Know more
Messaging TypeA2PA2P or P2PA2P
Voice EnabledNoYesYes
Send speed500+ messages per second~10 messages per second60 MPS max depending on the Brand Trust score and message class
Approval TimeMinimum 4-6 weeks involving carriers3-4 days4-6 weeks
Daily messages limitNo limit2,000 to 200,000 depends on your Trust scoreNo limit

Discover all Texting Number Options

Unlock Your Business Identity: Choose from a Range of Texting Numbers to Elevate Your Text Message Marketing Efforts.

Local Number (10DLC)

Powerful A2P features that are easy to set up and send bulk messages to be delivered faster. Perfect for businesses with larger contact lists

Toll Free Texting

Use your existing toll-free number or get a new one. Use a Toll-free texting number for high throughput.


A Short Code is a 5-6 digit code that can be a number or stand for your brand name or service.

Landline Texting

Text enable your business line to receive text messages without changing your existing voice provider.

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