7 Easy Ways To Make Landline Texting Faster

Landline Texting refers to the use of your landline phone to receive and send text messages. It is a powerful service that businesses can use so their existing landline phone number can be used for messaging. Most businesses would have an existing landline phone. This number would be in use for many years and the business would not like to get a new number for texting. In such a situation, using the existing landline for texting will be helpful.

Why texting for landline?

45% customers believe that texting customers are the best way of business communication. If a business does not reply by text, then the customer may look at another business. In this competitive world, it is important to keep engaging with customers. The best way to do this is through texting. If you own a business, you can now retain your landline phone and use it for texting. This will allow you to use the full power of text messaging through your landline phone.

Activating texting for landline

It is easy to start using texting for landline. You can get in touch with a service provider who can enable texting for your landline. Once you avail their services, they would activate your landline with the texting facility. Once this is done, any text messages customers send to your landline can be received in your inbox, which can be configured for the same. You can then use it to reply to text messages and start engaging with customers.

7 ways to use Landline Texting Faster

If you want to start using landline texting faster, here are some ways to do it effectively.

1. Send details of offers to customers

You can make use of landline texting to send details of offers to customers. When you send the message, it should be presented in such a way that the offer is exclusive for the customer. The offer can be in the form of vouchers or discount coupons that can be redeemed while shopping at the store or booking the service. These campaigns can be run over a period of time and can include a call for action that will compel customers to avail of the offers quickly.

2. Personalize your message

No one likes to get spam messages. When you send a mass text message, it looks like spam. Many customers may not read them. Personalizing the message by adding the customer’s name and any other details will make the message more effective. The customer will then feel that the message has been exclusively sent to them.

3. Reward loyalty

Reward loyal customers by giving them exclusive offers. You can send messages with special offers for regular customers. You can also give them exclusive previews, free samples, etc. and send messages regarding these. Such rewards can help boost your business.

4. Link landline texting to your email and ecommerce campaigns

You can integrate landline texting to your email campaigns as well as your ecommerce campaigns. By using short URLs in the text message, you can redirect customers to your ecommerce website. This is a good way to use landline texting effectively. When you carry out email marketing, ensure that you list your landline number and mention that customers can text to this number.

5. Carry out surveys of customers

It is important for businesses to know the voice of the customer. This can be done by conducting surveys or taking feedback from customers. A text message can be sent containing the survey questions. Customers can then be encouraged to reply to the message. This is an easy way of getting feedback and will help you improve your services. It also helps you identify unhappy customers and take action to prevent them from defecting to a competitor.

6. Segment customers while running campaigns

You can segment your customers when you run marketing campaigns. You can segment them based on age, social status, income status, etc. This will allow you to carry out targeted marketing campaigns where your messages are sent to specific segments. This is a more effective way of carrying out marketing since you can reach out to specific customer niches.

7. Integrate landline texting with social media

You can use landline texting to send messages promoting campaigns on social media. This will allow you to make your customers visit your social media websites. You can then use the power of social media to reach out to more number of potential customers. Similarly, when you run campaigns on social media, you can include your landline number and mention that customers can text using these numbers. You can even encourage your customers to participate in the campaign by texting to the number.

All the above seven ways are easy and simple to follow. You can start following them to use landline texting faster.

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