Everything You Need to Know About MMS Marketing

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MMS marketing is considered a part of the SMS marketing strategy. While an SMS message deals with text, emojis, and URLs, MMS Marketing
is about sending multimedia messages (images, videos, GIFs, etc.) to customers. These can be a part of the promotional campaign or a way to enhance customer relationships with the business.

MMS marketing is considered an attractive way to engage with customers and increase brand loyalty. It is slightly more expensive than SMS marketing but offers many benefits to the business. A combination of text and MMS messages are sent by businesses as a part of their SMS marketing strategy.

What is MMS Marketing?

MMS marketing can mean picture marketing or multimedia marketing. MMS is short for Multimedia Messaging Service. You use the mobile/ carrier network to send multimedia messages instead of the internet. MMS messages are sent the same way as SMS messages (through the default messaging app on mobile phones). It is different from WhatsApp marketing, where the channel of communication is WhatsApp and not the phone’s standard message app.

MMS messages can be sent to regular and smartphones. However, all regular phones cannot correctly read MMS messages. Furthermore, the receiver should enable MMS messages by contacting the carrier company. Some receivers may also have to pay to open and read an MMS message.

However, around 85% of Americans own a smartphone, and you don’t have to worry about adopting an MMS marketing strategy to promote your business.

Benefits of MMS Marketing

What makes MMS marketing a good choice to promote customer engagement and increase sales? Let’s find out.

● Immediately Delivery

It takes less than ten seconds for an MMS message to be sent to the customers. Mobile data is not mandatory, depending on the carrier company used by the receivers.

● Personalization

You can send pictures/ videos of products customers like or have previously purchased. This makes the message more personal and urges them to place an order.

● Tracking and Measuring Results

You can keep track of the number of MMS messages sent, delivered, opened, and clicked on the URLs using business messaging software. This helps you make changes to your marketing strategy and fine-tune it to get better results.

● Global Marketing Strategy

Geographical restrictions no longer limit your business. You can send MMS messages to customers in any country, though the cost can increase depending on the receiver’s location.

● Higher Conversation Rate

MMS messages are known to encourage a conversation with the sender. For example, sending a cute picture of a product or even personalized wishes can prompt the customer to reply to your message. MMS messages are also forwarded to other numbers when customers like what you send.

MMS Marketing Vs. SMS Marketing

MMS and SMS marketing have some basic differences discussed below.

SMS messages have a fixed character limit and don’t allow any kind of multimedia content. Even emojis are displayed in different ways based on the phone. MMS messaging is all about sending images, audio, video, and GIFs as a message.

Promotional MMS messages have a click-through rate of 15-20% more than SMS marketing. MMS is usually more attractive and entertaining. Using an infographic makes the message informative and fun.

MMS message cost around two to three times more than an SMS message. You need to allot a bigger budget for MMS marketing. However, the ROI is proportional to the cost because of the higher engagement rate. That said, you can reduce the cost by updating the customer database and removing unused/ incorrect/ old phone numbers.

MMS Marketing Best Practices

● All MMS and SMS marketing campaigns have to adhere to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) of 1991. Your first step should be to take explicit permission from the customers to send them MMS messages.

● Be creative with visual content but don’t forget the regulations. Create visuals with appealing and pleasing color schemes. Ensure the text on the image is easy to read. Don’t forget to cater to people with color blindness or other visual disabilities.

● Don’t create multimedia files in large sizes. Resize the files instead of compressing them to reduce the size and maintain picture quality. You don’t want customers to opt out because your MMS messages consume too much of their data/ space.

● Timing is vital for a message to create the desired impact on the target audience. Also, using automation software will save time and resources and allow you to track the results.

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