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What is TXTImpact's Autoresponder?

The Autoresponder system is a SMS and MMS marketing tool that lets consumers request information about your products and services by sending a text from their mobile phone. It is immediate, convenient, cost effective and measurable. An Autoresponder (Text Auto-Reply) allows customers to request real-time business or product information via a text message. It puts the business contact information in the pocket of the client for future reference as well as allowing businesses to capture customer’s mobile numbers.

Right now, you put your advertising out there, and you wait for a response. You wait for a phone call, a website visit, a response by mail or a visit to the store. Wouldn’t it be great if consumers could respond to your advertising immediately – as soon as they see the ad and they’re interested in what you’ve got to say? Now you can get an instant response to your advertising with TXTImpact Text Marketing Solutions. Engage customers beyond just text auto replies; Now you can add drip SMS marketing messages and send follow-up text message promotions automatically with predefined intervals after customers opt-in.

Autoresponder Features


You are granted the ability to customize the messages that customers receive

Timed-Based Responses

Add calendar based auto-response messages, such as one message for M-F 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM, other message for weekends, etc.

Drip Messages

Add drip messages which will release a series of text or picture messages to customer within minutes, hours or days from the opt-in time.


The option to track and follow up with prospective leads via their phone number or additional information collected.

Smart Timing

Real-time notifications via text message or e-mail when inquiries are made.


Attach images and short vidoes as an MMS to add extra personality to your text messasges.

More Information

Double-opt in option let's your business gather more information than just a phone number. This means e-mail addresses, names, and ZIP codes.

How To Set Up An Autoresponder

The Four Main Types Of Autoresponder

Static Response Campaign

Use this when the response given to inquiries will remain the same for an extended period of time.

Event Directions

When Google Maps doesn't get your people right where they need to be, a text explaining further information will help.

Provides Your App

Rather than checking through the app store, customers can text YOU and the autoresponder will text a link to the app back.

Customer Surveys

When the customer sends a "keyword" to your number, a link to fill out a survery can be automatically responded with.


Calander Based Campaign

Use this when your business is in constant rotation of something that customers liked to be updated on.

Daily Specials

Tantalize customers with updated images and lists of what your restaurant has to offer on a daily basis.

Operating Hours

Rather than checking online, a customer can text your store at anytime and depending on the time of day a reply will be sent giving the operating status of the store.

Holiday Promotions

Depending on the time of the year, you and your business can provide different responses offering promotions.

Multiple Choice Campaign

Use this section to show off one of your features in great detail. You can add a list of bullet-points with custom icons, checkmarks and a product display.

Product Information

When information is difficult to compartmentalize, give those who seek more knowledge the ability to text in to inquiry about a range of different topics that you have provided pre-determined answers for.

Essential Information

When a storm hits, when a spread illness breaks out, or when there is information spread about, but you need a place for reliable info, this is the campaign to use.
This was implemented by the State Government of New Jersey during the COVID-19 outbreak.


"Drip" Message Campaign

Give details over time. This is great for multi-day events or for those wanting information previous to events too.

Business Trips

Let your attendees know of all the events happening throughout the events time-span. This can include public meetings or talks by specific speakers.


Conventions often have a lot of time slots that attendees are running back and forth from. Give texters a great way to know of all the best ones.

Texting Number Options

Get a Texting Number for your business


High throughput, delivery reports, one number for USA and Canada. Recommended for Mass texting, OTPs, and text alerts. Toll-Free number verification process can take 4-6 weeks.
Learn more

Local Number (10DLC)

Personalize texting with local numbers for customer service and one-on-one communication. Registering a 10-digit local number with the campaign registry as 10DLC takes 24-72 hours.
Learn more

Landline texting

Add texting to your business landline or VoIP number, keep voice service with the existing provider. Recommended for customer service and one-on-one communications.
Learn more


Harness convenience and memorability with Short Codes for marketing campaigns and mass texting. Ideal for events, stores, and online promotions. 8-10 weeks wait for approval and implementation is worthwhile for nationwide reach.
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