Segmenting Subscribers For a Campaign

Specified Targeting For Mass Texting


Segment subscribers refers to dividing a list of subscribers or customers into smaller groups or segments based on specific criteria or characteristics. This segmentation process allows businesses and organizations to better understand their audience, target their marketing efforts more effectively, and personalize their communication and offerings to different groups.

Mass Texting Features

Import Numbers

To send a broadcast just simply select your contact list. You can import your numbers from a spreadsheet or CSV file.

Personalize Your Messages

You can add merge tags to your message so that each recipient can get a customized message.

Schedule Texts

Plan your messages to automatically broadcast ahead of an event.

Recurring Text Messages

A recurring message(s) can be set up to go out daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. Send Daily Motivational quotes or bible verses.

Factors used for subscriber segmentation

The segmentation criteria can vary depending on the business or industry.


Dividing subscribers based on age, gender, location etc.


Categorizing subscribers according to their past interactions, purchase history, engagement with marketing materials, website visits, etc.


Tailoring messages based on communication preferences, such as email, SMS, or social media.

Customer Status

Segmenting based on new customers, repeat customers, loyal customers, and dormant customers.

Engagement Level

Grouping subscribers based on their level of engagement with the brand, such as active, occasional, or inactive.


We’ve made the process of creating segments extremely easy.

Watch the video tutorial below:

Creating Subscriber Segments

Texting Number Options

Get a Texting Number for your business


High throughput, delivery reports, one number for USA and Canada. Recommended for Mass texting, OTPs, and text alerts. Toll-Free number verification process can take 4-6 weeks.
Learn more

Local Number (10DLC)

Personalize texting with local numbers for customer service and one-on-one communication. Registering a 10-digit local number with the campaign registry as 10DLC takes 24-72 hours.
Learn more

Landline texting

Add texting to your business landline or VoIP number, keep voice service with the existing provider. Recommended for customer service and one-on-one communications.
Learn more


Harness convenience and memorability with Short Codes for marketing campaigns and mass texting. Ideal for events, stores, and online promotions. 8-10 weeks wait for approval and implementation is worthwhile for nationwide reach.
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