SMS Store Locator

Our SMS store location service allows customers to quickly find a nearby store, car dealer, repair centers, or delivery providers using just text messages.

Businesses can deliver highly personalized messages based on a ZIP code and provide quick and actionable results via SMS text messages.

How it works:

This integration allows users to find the closest store location by simply texting a keyword to your texting number.

User texts in a keyword to your business texting number

System ask them their zip code

System finds the nearest location to the provided Zipcode from your business locations and automatically sends a personalized text message or addresses of three closest locations.

SMS Store Locator Features


Customize the auto response messages for your store locations.

Lead Capture

Generate leads, capture e-mail addresses, names, and ZIP codes.

Lead Tracking

The option to track and follow up with prospective leads.

Promotion Broadcast

Deliver location-specific promotions directly from the TXTImpact dashboard.

Store Notifications

Real-time notifications to the local store via e-mail when inquiries are made.

Image Attachment

Attach images and a short video (as an MMS) to the auto-response messages.

You can also:

  • Text for Info: Mobile users can text keywords to receive marketing material on their mobile phone while responding to traditional marketing, print radio, TV, etc.

  • Text to Order Brochures: Mobile users can text keywords to receive marketing materials by supplying their postal addresses.

  • Text to sign-up for email subscription list.

  • Text to request product information including videos on-the-go.

  • Text to download your businesses mobile app.

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