SMS Marketing Link Tracking

How it Works

A longer URL in the text message is not user-friendly and consumes characters in your text marketing messages.

Use trackable short links in your text messages and see which users were clicking which links.

SMS Marketing Link Tracking is simple!

Every time you include a link in a text message the link is shortened.

The shortened link only uses 21 characters of your text message.

We generate a unique link for each recipient, and when the link is clicked we can track who clicked on the link and the information becomes available for your inspection and analysis.

Add Short Links

Convert long URLs to short links and insert into your text messages.

Track Clicks

TXTImpact link tracking module track who clicked on the link and who didn’t.

Measure And Automate

Measure success of your SMS marketing campaign, or promotion and see its results.

How it Works.

Step One.

Insert your trackable link.

Step Two.

Shorten the link to save space.

Step Three.

Measure the clicks that the link received.

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