Collecting Contacts via Texting

Building A Texting List For Businesses & Services

Contact collection via a "text-to-join" campaign is an easy to implement marketing tactic feature which allows mobile users to opt-in to a text marketing list.

Businesses can send:

  • Promotions
  • Coupons
  • Service Updates
  • Sales Reminders

Businesses can also send a picture or video in a text message.

For example, a retail store, restaurant, pizza shop, or salon can start a mobile VIP club and invite its customers to opt-in to receive special discounts and coupons using a text message service.

Why Collect Mobile Numbers?

Grow Your Business

Texting lists makes it easier for customers to sign up to your contact list. A bigger list means more potential customers.

Set It and Forget It

Once you set up your text-to-join program, you’re done. Customer’s contact info will be added automatically to your list when they text your keyword.

No Paper. No Hassle.

Sign-ups on the spot. No need to wait. If your contacts have a mobile phone they can signup right on the spot. No computer or stacks of paper are needed to add numbers.

Features of Number Collection


The ability to customize the messages that customers receive.

Program Integration

Capture e-mail addresses with text responses. You can even join your MailChimp and Constant Contact list as well.

Multi-Faceted Info Retrieval

Capture customer names and zip codes from a single opt-in message. Customers can text the keyword, their e-mail address, name, and ZIP code to a short code.

Advanced Responses

Attach mobile coupons, images, short URLs with in response.

Greater Length

Send responses longer than 160 characters.

Time Variance

Send messages to customers instantly or schedule them to be sent in future.

Web Interaction

Web opt-in available to collect contact information, age, birthday, zip code, and gender. Allows you to send messages only to a relevant segment.

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