Text to Join : Collecting Contacts via Texting

Grow your customer's contact list by collecting their phone numbers, emails, names, DOBs, and Zip codes effortlessly with our Text-to-Join feature.

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TXTImpact's Text-to-Join feature provides organizations with the simplest method to collect contact details. Whether you aim to build an SMS marketing list or expand your email subscriber base, text messaging offers a fantastic way to gather valuable data.

Many organizations rely on our Text-to-Join services to opt individuals in and expand their overall reach. We've made the process incredibly user-friendly.

How Text-To-Join Works

Text to join, also known as "text to subscribe," is the ability for people to opt into mass texting and email marketing lists through SMS. People join by texting a unique keyword to an SMS shortcode. Once they have joined, they will receive an automated message confirming their subscription.

Lets see how Text-2-Join works:

  1. Create a keyword of your choice and allow contacts to quickly and easily join your list by texting a keyword (e.g. JOIN) to your number.
  2. Promote the keyword to your audience via social media, email, and other marketing channels, and see your Text 2 Join mailing list grow!
  3. Once users text the keyword to your number, they receive an automated message(Which can be confirgured) confirming their subscription.
  4. You can now start your SMS marketing Campaign to the people who have opted in.
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Configure Automated Confirmation Message

After someone texts to join your SMS list, they will receive an automated message via Autoresponders. This message confirms that they have successfully opted in and you may also include an incentive for joining, such as a discount, a free gift, or early access to your products or services.

If you only want to collect phone numbers, you can stop here. However, if you also want people to Text To Join your email list, there is an additional step that is quick to set up.

Here are the steps involved in configuring your auto-reply message:

  1. Log in to your TXTImpact Dashboard.
  2. Go to the dashboard page.
  3. On the navigation panel, click on Campaigns.
  4. Select your Text2Join Campaign from the list of Campaigns.
  5. In the text field, customize your auto-response message as required. You can include MMS, Mobile Coupons, Click-through-URL, and images in your messages.

Note: It’s recommended to add “Reply STOP to quit. Msg& Data rates may apply.” in the footer of your auto-response message

  1. Click save.

Your auto-reply message should be clear and concise, and it should include all of the important information that people need to know.

Collecting Emails and Zipcode through Text-2-Join

Use this section to show off one of your features in great detail.

Collecting emails through Text 2 Join requires an additional step after someone opts into your text messaging list. To do this, you need to enable our "email capture" feature. Once this is turned on, after someone receives their opt-in confirmation, they will receive another text message asking them to provide their email address. This message can be customized to include an incentive for people to take this additional step.

Collect Zip Codes

Collecting ZIP codes via SMS can help businesses target specific areas for marketing, optimize delivery logistics, analyze demographics, offer localized services, and comply with regulations. It can also aid emergency response, event planning, and different campaigns. TXTImpact users ask there clients to text and send their ZIP Codes along with keywords. The system will automatically add the ZIP codes and attach them to the clients profile

Here is a more detailed explanation of the process:

  1. Users text your keyword to your number to join your text messaging list.
  2. They receive an automated message confirming their subscription.
  3. If the email capture feature is enabled, they will receive a second text message asking them to provide their email address/zip code.
  4. They can reply to this message with their email address/zip code.
  5. Their email address/zip code will be added to your mailing list.

With this data, you can create personalized and targeted SMS marketing campaigns that will reach your customers where they are.

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Make effective use of the email addresses collected using Text2Join Campaign:

We have built integrations with popular email marketing services like MailChimp, Constant Contact, ActiveCampaign, and others. This allows you to seamlessly transfer the collected emails to your preferred service providers.

Why Collect Mobile Numbers?

Grow Your Business

Texting lists makes it easier for customers to sign up to your contact list. A bigger list means more potential customers.

Set It and Forget It

Once you set up your text-to-join program, you’re done. Customer’s contact info will be added automatically to your list when they text your keyword.

No Paper. No Hassle.

Sign-ups on the spot. No need to wait. If your contacts have a mobile phone they can signup right on the spot. No computer or stacks of paper are needed to add numbers.

Features of Number Collection


The ability to customize the messages that customers receive.

Program Integration

Capture e-mail addresses with text responses. You can even join your MailChimp and Constant Contact list as well.

Multi-Faceted Info Retrieval

Capture customer names and zip codes from a single opt-in message. Customers can text the keyword, their e-mail address, name, and ZIP code to a short code.

Advanced Responses

Attach mobile coupons, images, short URLs with in response.

Greater Length

Send responses longer than 160 characters.

Time Variance

Send messages to customers instantly or schedule them to be sent in future.

Web Interaction

Web opt-in available to collect contact information, age, birthday, zip code, and gender. Allows you to send messages only to a relevant segment.

Text 2 Join campaign video

Discover other SMS Marketing Features

TXTImpact's SMS Marketing solutions : Affordable, Smart, Engaging. Elevate your brand with targeted, automated campaigns for business growth.

SMS Autoresponder

An Autoresponder (Text Auto-Reply) allows customers to request real-time business or product information via a text message.

Import Mobile Numbers

Import your existing clients' contacts from CSV or Excel. Option to remove any invalid or landline numbers from the list.

Schedule Text Message

Plan ahead and schedule your mass texting campaign. Scheduling a text message or SMS marketing message is just as easy as sending them.

Merge Tags: Personalization

Personalizing helps businesses sell products and feel more connected to the customer.

Web Signup Form

Website Signup Widgets allow you to collect mobile numbers, names, and email addresses from the visitors of your website

Send From Phone

Do you stay on the road away from the computer most of the time? Enable send from phone option for your lists and send a text/MMS message directly from your phone.

Click-Through Link Tracking

Use trackable short links in your text messages and see which users were clicking which links.

MMS Messages

Send text messages up to 1000 characters combined with pictures, videos, speech, and audio for the ultimate messaging experience.

Text to Win

Text To Win sweepstakes is a great option for SMS Marketing which involves your prospects and customers in a fun way.

Social Connect

With the TXTImpact Social Connect feature, when you send an SMS or MMS message to your audience either from online or from your phone.

Mobile Coupons

Send unique coupons to your customers through text messages, increasing loyalty, and customer satisfaction.

Birthday Wishes

Collect birthdays using the TXTImpact text to join campaign and our system will automatically send your customers birthday text messages, picture messages, and greeting cards!

Drip Messages

The drip messages will release a series of text or picture messages to a customer within minutes, hours, or days from the opt-in time.

Age Gate

Stay in compliance, add age-gate to your text to win campaigns to target only those who meet the age requirement.

Segment Subscribers

Create subscriber segments based upon subscriber’s data like area code, date subscribed, date of birth, age, and any of the custom fields.

Texting with Emojis

The TXTImpact Mobile Engagement Platform supports emojis across all campaigns and all triggered messages.

Store Locator

Customers can request sales flyers, deals, or coupons from stores near their location.

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