Text To Win (Mobile Sweepstakes)

Text To Win sweepstakes are a great option of SMS Marketing which involves your prospects and customers in a fun way.

The goal of a text message sweepstakes is not only to collect mobile numbers, but to also increase brand loyalty.

Campaigns are most effective when they provide a good reason to play along. An SMS contest increases the number of people who “opt-in” because a contest to win something invokes more incentive than a normal "opt-in" and is thus, more valuable.

Features of The Campaign

Choose Your Date

Run instant-win campaigns or manually select winner at a later date.

Change Winner Rate

Control number of winners depending on what is being given away.

Multi-Media Capabilities

Send mobile coupons, picture, or Video message along to winners or losers.

Date Variability

Set start and end dates for your campaign.

Information Capturing

Capture e-mail addresses, names, and/or ZIP codes.

Sectioned-Off Contests

Activate age and location Qualification Gate.

How To Setup a Text To Win Campaign

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