Schedule a Text Message

Help Save Your Business Time

Scheduling a text message or SMS marketing message is just as easy as sending them.

  • When you go to send a new text message, click the “Send Later” button.

  • Then, select a date and time from the pop-up calendar and your text will wait to launch until then!

You can schedule your text messages as far into the future as you’d like.

Staggered Delivery

Instead of all recipients receiving your texts at once, stagger your mass texts so that it trickles down. Spread the delivery out from one to twelve hours.

Choose Date and Time

As the title would suggest, select both the time and day your mass text will be sent out to your text list subscribers.

Reasons to be Scheduling

Scheduling texts may be simple, but there are a few key reasons that you should be implenting it into your texting routine.

Rely on Scheduling

Rather than having to remember important dates, you and your team can plan out which dates will need generic texts sent out. This is especially good for discounts.


As is with special dates that will be good for coupons, scheduling can also be good for dates that are important for deadlines.

Show You Know

Customers care when you show that you do, if you know there are important dates to a bulk of your subscribers, make sure you list those dates on send out texts on them.

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