Mobile Coupons

Send coupons to your customers through text message, increasing loyalty and customer satisfaction.


Type of Mobile coupons

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Static Codes

A Static Coupon is a predefined register code provided by a merchant and can be typed out or generated as a bar code. Recipients are required to show their mobile phone at check-out or have it scanned. Each customer will receive the same code and these codes are not trackable. These are good for unique sales that won't be occurring again.

Unique Codes

Businesses can send a uniquely generated code for each recipient or an online coupon with a barcode attached. Barcodes can be a UPC code or QR code. All unique code or barcode coupons are fully trackable. This means you can run a report on which/when customers used the coupon. The unique redemption code can either be pre-generated with the TXTImpact Mass Texting service or the business can upload a pre-generated code from your POS system.


How To Create Mobile Coupons

Why It's Important.

Coupons have always been a successful marketing tactic. Using them in conjunction with evolving technology is a good way to ensure that they will continue to be successful in today's marketing environment. Including links, barcodes, and images in your texts creates an easier way for the customer to interact with them. This makes the customer more likely to use it. Mobile coupons are the most innovative way to deliver deals which creates a more personal experience for the customer.

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