SMS Marketing & MMS Messaging: Which One Is Right For You?

Multimedia messaging service or MMS makes use of mobile networks very similar to that of text messaging. This will allow you to send media along with text, and also graphics, GIF’s and videos. Phone companies adopted the features in a few years starting from Sony Ericsson, and then in a span of time had all the standard features of phones. In fact, initially, there was no network between phone models and networks, but now businesses are gaining and adopting the flexible communication tool.

In fact, there are various benefits of MMS messaging for the purpose of business.

  1. A picture paints a thousand words and the fact is true. Since smartphones have dominated the last decade, it features sharp and vibrant content that catches eyes. A video or might be a static image that gives customers a lot of information about the concerned product.

  2. A study says that 82% of the messages are read right within 5 minutes and you may send that to customers through instant messaging or even emails. The business makes use of MMs messages to be in touch with customers and team members.

  3. With the help of MMS, you may improve the offers that you may send to the customers. The inclusion of attractive images would make your message even more attractive. Say, for example, a travel agency might include pictures of hotels or locations, might be. You must have often seen Starbucks Company send MMS to customers supporting the rewards program, and of course the latest discount items.

  4. While you are sending news and updates, the video content might attract customers and generate additional interest to the content. Sometimes, it might attract the lapsed customer to come back and test the new features that the sender intends to communicate.

  5. In case you want to send some image-based polls and surveys, then MMS will be an advantage altogether. This feature might make your SMS polling and surveys even more engaging and you might be able to pose a range of questions. You might ask the users about the branding, product, and design they might prefer. You may even ask for visual designs by texting the image directly. You are most likely to get a response from customers without leaving any message.

  6. The most useful support tool for customer support is MMS messaging. An image of a video is much easier to download conveys visual information faster than the text. You can improve the customer's experience by enabling the users’ text images of the problems facing them.

  7. While you send the images via MMS it can serve the purpose of booking confirmation or maybe digital tickets. Customers might show messages they received without the need to open the emails or might be even printing a ticket. MMs messages are usually used to send barcodes, digital ticketing, or even scan at venues.

  8. MMS can even be used to send important documents and targeting some lapsed customers. Carts are abandoned since customers don’t have time to complete their purchase and often forget about it. A video or image is useful to revive their interest.

    MMS is effective in reviving new ways to interact with your customers and also communicate with the team and thereby creating new leads. In the case of text messaging, there is some advantage and people count it over the traditional channel of marketing.

  9. SMS is a direct and immediate channel having a read rate of 97% within the first 15 minutes of delivery. Around 45% of SMS campaigns generate a successful ROI.

  10. Using shortcodes simplifying response and building the database is important. You are basically making the first move by adding a short code key or keywords for printing collateral advertisements and also the advertising boards.

  11. This is used for integration with other channels like having a mix of marketing. SMS being a standalone channel, will have the ability to enhance and support other popular mediums like social media and emails.

  12. You may even increase the customer reach and the way to enhance the brand engagements. Customers might value the updates and the news on forthcoming developments that occurs within brands.

  13. The response data might enable you to improve and tracking the monitor. Identifying the customers engaging via text messages and thereby monitoring the delivery rates are all possible through SMS. By using these analytics businesses can build a better understanding of mobile databases.

Well, the entire gamut of marketing through MMS or SMS depends upon the utilization by customers and the mode of your business. SMS marketing is the more widely used method while MMS could be targeted towards specific reasons only. Send group messages directly via MMS so as to enhance the effect. In case you want your brand to grow more vividly, make the maximum usage of MMS as graphics could prove good and a transparent idea about the product.

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