Sending Pictures From Web Applications

MMS Developer API: Send and Receive MMS API

TXTImpact's MMS Software allows developers to integrate MMS with their applications with simple APIs.

Developers can send and receive MMS video, pictures, and sound to and from mobile users and develop media incorporated mobile messaging apps.

PDF Instructions On Sending & Receiving MMS API

Case Example:

Imagine that there's an online event or a movie ticket website which can send a ticket barcode directly to the customers phone, instead of having the customer print the tickets.

There is a myth that only smartphones can send and receive MMS, but the fact is that even featured phones with cameras can send and receive MMS.

This means that most mobile subscribers can send and receive video or picture MMS on their mobile phones.

The MMS software can also convert a MMS message into a mobile link for non-supported networks and devices.

This opens up a wide range of opportunities for marketers to interact with the mobile users.

Vertical Markets

  • Entertainment
  • Media
  • Movie trailers
  • Movie & Event Tickets
  • Retail
  • Brands
  • m-Greetings
  • Sports & News Alerts
  • Business, Enterprise
  • Mobile Health
  • Insurance
  • Real Estate
  • Security Monitoring
  • Social Media

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