Text Messenger

Two Way Text Messaging Service

TXTImpact cloud-based Text Messenger Tools enables two-way SMS messages from the web to phones in the U.S., Canada, and over 200 more countries. The Text Messenger application is able to communicate with a two-way dialogue for a much larger SMS user-base.

Our two-way SMS coverage currently spans 33 countries and our partnerships with carriers across the globe allow us to expand our coverage list daily. Not only can you receive text messages, but you can also send and receive picture messages to and from any mobile phone in USA and Canada.

  • Our web texting service can be used in conjunction with Broadcast Texting to respond to any replies.

  • This tool can be used by customer service, contact centers, service desks, insurance companies, auto dealerships and many more places of business to send and receive text or picture messages to the mobile users.

Standard Features

Quick Response Time

Send a text message or respond to incoming text messages instantly.

Multi-Media Capability

Include picture messages and video within texts.

Short URLs

Utilize Short URLs to make linking customers to sites easier.

Template Usage

Use already saved message templates to save time.

Web-Based Usage

100% Web based with no software to install.

Text Number Options

Choice of a short code for USA and/or 10 digit local phone number

Worldwide Support

Local phone numbers available for over 33 countries.

More Features

Long Text Support

Support for text messages longer than 160 characters

Advanced Interface

Supports HTTP & SMPP interface for sending and receiving text messages

Wide Range Support

Access to 800+ carriers and 200 countries to send and receive text messages.

Guaranteed Feedback

Extensive online reporting tools and real time delivery reports available.

Short Codes and Long Codes

Primarily, there are two different forms of a texting number. To learn more about the different options a business has in terms of what number they can use to begin texting with clientele. Click Here

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