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Using Text Chat Boxes For More Communication

Why to Use a Text Chat Form

Quick Answers

Offer your customers the chance to have their more complicated questions answered quicker.

Better Turnover Rate

If you want customers to sign up for your service or buy your product, opening your business up to have more interaction increases that chance.

More Ways to Integrate Texting

By using this feature, you are increasing the forms in which texting is assisting your customer.

Understanding How Text Chats Work

An Example From TXTImpact's Website

Here is an example of what TXTImpact's Web Chat looks like.

As you can see, it is clean and appealing to the eye. This entices the customers to use it.

When the customer clicks "Submit", the message will appear in your Text Inbox, which you can reply directly from.

Keeping the numbers of text boxes low is important as well as it does not overwhelm the customer. That is why the only available text boxes are name, number, and description. This is not a customizable option.


Customize the Widget Your Way

HEX Coloring

By Using the HEX Color Code for your business, you can ensure both primary and secondary colors are matched or complimented.

Confirmation Messages

The more avenues of communication that are open to the customer, the better. Confirming their text was received acknowledges the customer and further familiarizes them with company texting.

Description and Title

Change the description and title to fit your needs. Include specific information that the customer should be sending based on the needs of your business.

Creating a Successful Form

A View From The Dashboard

Here is what Text Chat looks like from the TXTImpact Dashboard.

As you can see, there is a range of customizable options to best serve your business.

What you do here will affect how you form appears to customers. It is vital to have appeasing text and colors in order to create more interactivity.

If you believe a Web Text Chat would serve your business well, consider contacting us or signing up for our services.

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