Best Ways to Send COVID-19 Latest updates About Your Business Operations with Text Messages

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the entire world with more than 4 million people being infected and 280,000+ dead. One of the effects of the pandemic has been the lockdown imposed on people in countries across the world. The lockdown has led to a situation where people are not able to go to work. Many companies, factories, and stores are shut or open only for some time to avoid the infection from spreading. While many people are working from home, others are waiting for governments to lift restrictions so they can get back to work. In this situation, information is vital for everyone. People need to be informed about what is happening and what to expect in terms of lockdown, restrictions, work permissions, etc.

This is more relevant for businesses whose operations have come to a standstill. Businesses need to keep their employees updated on what is planned at the workplace. They need to inform employees of work from home schedules and information on when offices would open. At the same time, it is important for businesses to be in touch with customers. They need to keep customers informed about when they would commence their operations and also inform regarding other arrangements like home delivery, etc. One of the most effective ways of doing this is through mass text messaging.

Text marketing and notifications

One of the popular marketing strategies used is SMS marketing. This involves the use of a short message service (SMS) as a medium to engage with customers. business text messaging is a technique where customers are given updates on product availability, product delivery, order management, product news, and promotional offers through texting. They also use survey text messages to get feedback from customers. In a crisis situation like that of the Covid-19 pandemic, text marketing can be used to send emergency notifications. It can be used to communicate with customers, employees, vendors, and any other stakeholders.

group texting can be used to send messages to more than one person at the same time. Since these messages are sent using the mobile network, they would reach instantly. Studies have shown that more than 96% of people who receive messages read them. This shows that text messaging can be effective and when notifications are sent during an emergency like Covid-19, it will be read by the recipients. Using text messaging for sending notifications is now standard practice. Governments use it to send emergency alerts. Businesses can also use it to update about business operations.

Sending notifications and updates

If you are running a business, you can use online text messages to send notifications and updates about your business operations to all the parties concerned. The following are guidelines to help you do this effectively:

  1. Use texting software that can be used to send messages to multiple recipients easily. You can use this software to schedule text message to send to recipients at pre-determined intervals. You can create databases for your customers, employees, and vendors and then send messages to each group, as per your needs.

  2. Messages can be sent to employees with the following details:

a. Informing of safety precautions and hygiene requirements to help them be safe.

b. Inform of safety guidelines to be followed at the workplace once it reopens.
c. Update them of work from home guidelines, processes, and timelines as applicable.

d. Inform them when the office/store/factory would open and their work schedules.

  1. Vendors can be updated about business operations so they would know when they can resume delivery of materials.

  2. Customers can be updated on store closure details and when the store re-opens, including details of reopening.

  3. In case home delivery of products is offered, information on the same can be updated through text messages.

  4. Customers can also be given instructions on safety processes to follow while receiving products and during their visit to the store.

  5. Keywords can be used to enable customers and others to reply using the same. The use of keywords ensures that more details are sent for those who require them.

  6. The messages sent can be linked with the social media accounts of the business. This ensures that all messages sent are also posted on social media. This ensures complete dissemination of information.

  7. Any changes in the business like the introduction of e-commerce or provision of home service can be communicated.

  8. Apart from this, general safety-related information, educational resources, and other such useful information related to Covid-19 can be sent through text messages.

Businesses can follow these guidelines to start sending updates on their business operations to all their stakeholders. This would ensure business continuity and allow them to quickly restart work once the lockdown is lifted. Using texting for sending updates is easy and convenient when done using texting software.

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