Everything You Need To Know About Bulk SMS Marketing

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SMS or text message marketing is simple, cost-effective, and customer-friendly. It is the process of using the text message feature on mobile phones to send updates and promotional material to the target audience.

Around 98% of Americans own a mobile phone. It is easy for businesses to use text messaging as a primary marketing strategy. SMS marketing has various components like bulk messaging, MMS marketing, and more.

Let’s find out more about bulk SMS marketing and how it helps your business.

What is Bulk SMS Marketing?

Bulk SMS messaging is the process of sending the same message to multiple mobile numbers at once. Businesses have to use bulk SMS as they cannot manually send the same message to each customer in the database.

Bulk text message marketing is where a business sends promotional messages in bulk to the target audience. Bulk messaging may seem like spam, but it can deliver good results when you plan it properly. Even bulk SMS can be customized to include the receiver’s name or other details in the text.

With most people carrying their mobile phones throughout the day, it is easier to reach the target audiences through SMS marketing. Furthermore, text messages don’t require an internet connection and have no incoming charges. Text messages have a high opening rate compared to email marketing.

Advantages of Bulk SMS Marketing

Bulk text message marketing has many advantages. Here are the most vital benefits this marketing strategy offers businesses from all industries.

● Better Customer Interaction

SMS marketing has gained popularity as one of the reliable ways to increase customer interaction with the business. The same applies to bulk messaging. It lets you directly communicate with your leads and customers through a single text message.

● Concise and Crisp Messages

SMS messages have a character limit. Your message should provide all the necessary information within these 160 characters. This makes your text messages crisp and keeps them to the point. Short and clear promotional text messages have proved to be effective in sharing information with the target audiences.

● Call-to-Action

A call to action in bulk SMS marketing is the key to increasing conversions. Make sure to inform customers what you want them to do. Should the reply to the text, open the URL link in the message, or give you a call? The CTA acts as an instruction that urges the users to take an action.

● Easy to Use

Bulk SMS marketing is one of the easiest methods to use when promoting your business. All you have to do is find a reliable software provider like TXTImpact. The setup and integrations will be handled by the service provider.

Once everything is in place, your marketing team can use the templates to create the messages and send them to several customers with a couple of clicks. You can even schedule the bulk messaging campaigns and align them with other digital marketing strategies to amplify the results.

● Higher ROI

Text messages are cheap but bring good returns. For example, you spend a few pennies on a text message. The message creates an impact and converts a lead to a customer. You earn money from the order, which goes into dollars. Bulk SMS marketing provides higher returns as it is an affordable strategy.

● Automation through Software

As mentioned earlier, bulk messages are automated and scheduled using business texting/ SMS messaging software. It doesn’t increase your load when you rely on software to do the major work.

● Wider Reach

Statistics show that there are more than 6 billion subscriptions around the world. An SMS message is your best bet to reach a person anywhere in the country. Moreover, less than 50% of businesses use text message marketing. There is still a substantial amount of room for growth in the market. You have better chances of establishing your business and enhancing customer loyalty.

How to Implement Bulk SMS Marketing

● Start by getting explicit permission from leads/ customers to send them text messages. Not getting permission can lead to legal consequences.

● Filter and segment your contact list based on demographics, purchase history, customer behavior, market trends, etc.

● Include an option to opt out of the subscription anytime customers want to. Make it easy for them to join and exit your messaging lists.

● Determine the right time to send promotional messages. The governing authorities have already defined guidelines for this. However, you need to find time slots that maximize activity.

● Use metrics and run analytics to track progress and improve bulk SMS marketing strategy.

TXTImpact is a leading US-based business texting software and solution provider since 2006. We offer tailor-made services to our clients from several industries like real estate, governmental, entertainment, hospitality, nonprofit, retail, etc. Small and medium-sized businesses are our main clients. We help business establishments achieve their goals and increase ROI through business text marketing.

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