How To Send An Email Via Text Message

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Texting have been a very popular mode of communication. Research have revealed that texting allows people to look into the message and far more responsive than only email. Well, e-mails are not checked often but while texting, it would be read within three minutes. Email to Text
have been very good a communication exercise, and there are various aspects of it.

How do you send a text message (SMS or MMS) via Email?

While you will have to send an email through text messages on the phone, you will be considering certain facts.

  • Opening the text app on your phone should be a priority.
  • You have to out the email address in the recipient field where you actually normally type the phone number.
  • Write you message in a normal manner and the send it to the cell phone provider who will convert your message into the form of an email.

When you are sending an email via text message it would show up as a regular mail having the text body as .txt. While sending photos or audio files these would come as an attachment. You will have to note that in the ‘from’ field there will be a mobile number with an attached domain.

Step 1: Use the email client of your choice and then compose the email. You may use a smartphone or maybe the computer to write it.

Step 2: Instead of writing the email id in the recipient box, you can inset the 10 digit phone number of the person that you are trying to reach.

Step 3: Once you have entered and track the appropriate address behind the phone number, then you can post a list of some pf common service providers. Keep some facts in mind that while trying to send an email with more than 160 characters long, you can send it through the MMS. In case a person doesn’t have a multimedia message system, they might be charged at an extra fee while opening the message. While you are sending a 160 characters, then use an MMS gateway instead of SMS gateway. Another thing that you will note is that some carriers don’t operate their own mobile networks. You can simply ass a little phone icon to the email and click the phone icon to bring up to the list of contacts.

Which is the method that you should use?

In case you are using the ‘text to email’ method, you won’t be able to change the subject line, so it could be sending with no subject. While you are trying to keep a track of the ongoing list, this won’t be the ideal thing. This is not possible finding texts to a single subject line. While avoiding this, you can use the second method like ‘email to text’.

There are several advantages of combining text along with E-mail marketing:

There are several applications that you can be doing in the form of email marketing already. There are several applications like confirmation emails, monthly newsletters, and also webinar invites along with product updates. There could be payment requests, online reviews generation and also appointment reminder. When you are actually calculating the percentage of messaging, it would dominate email. The open rates response and the texts will be 5-7 times higher for the texts compared to the emails.

Almost 95% of the text messages are read within the first ninety seconds. Using emails solely is always a no –brainer from all these numbers. A texting strategy for the company is a necessity. Emails are regarded as a very strong marketing tool for sending mass communication to thousands of people. There is a great strategy for gaining webinar registrants. You may promote your blog content and other things that might not be a welcome factor in a text message.

Various facts have been noted while you are sending text to emails:

• More of the businesses are engaging with consumers via the text messages. It has been noted that almost 53% of mobile marketers are using mobile messaging as a part of the marketing strategy.
• Various consumers use their smartphone for sending text messages and receiving text messages for business. Almost 76% of the consumers receive text messages from their businesses.
• The consumers seek conversational experiences but they need more of the Chatbot. It’s been seen that almost 74% of the consumers prefer talking to a real person over online support.
• Consumers prefer two way conversational text messaging and almost 61% consumers think businesses should be using the same number for calling as well as texting.
• The consumers reply to missed calls over text messages. Research reveals that almost 58% consumers have tried replying text messages after receiving a missed call from a business. People respond to text messaging rather than voice mails.

Whatever be the purpose of the communication, emails to texting is a popular phenomenon and consumers are fond of this strategy.

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