How to Launch Your First Marketing Campaign

Add some sections to Once you understand how SMS marketing can fit into your marketing strategy and how to send legally compliant messages, the next step is to plan on launching your first SMS campaign.make it beautiful

1.1. Grow Your Subscribers List

Growing your subscriber's list is critical to building your SMS marketing strategy. This is because you can send promotional messages only to those who have opted in for your text message service. There are a few ways discussed here through which you can grow your subscriber's list

Use your existing database - If you have a contact us form on your website, you would possibly have the details of existing or potential customers there. Start building your contact list from that database.

Desktop and Mobile Pop-Up - A great idea is to use a pop-up on your desktop or mobile site or app to collect email as well as mobile numbers.

Email campaigns - Add a sentence in your email campaign signature to let people know that they can also sign up for your text message service.

Use Social Media - Add a keyword to your Facebook or Instagram profile, or you can use a keyword into an image or your post to get new subscribers.

Offer rewards - Make an announcement that your text message subscribers will receive exclusive offers or discounts.

1.2. Segment Your Subscribers

After you have collected your subscribers, the next step is to segment your subscribers based on various factors. Segmenting the subscribers ensure that the right message is sent to the right person at the right time. It also helps in sending more relevant message that lures the customers. A few factors based on which you can segment your subscribers are purchase history, number of orders, frequency of orders, etc.

1.3. Build Your Opt-In Message

Send attractive opt-in messages to your subscribers to make them receive SMS updates from you. A simple way to lure the customers to opt-in for your promotional messages is to offer exclusive deals that make them feel like a VIP.

1.4. Send Your First SMS

After customers opt-in to receive your messages, you can tart sending them your promotional messages. Even though messages can be split and delivered, a single, to-the-point message has a much higher chance of success. To make your SMS Marketing campaign successful ensure that you follow the below points

• Add a description of the program in your message
• Give the frequency of your message
• Provide opt-out option
• As you’re limited to just 160 characters, be very strategic about what is and is not included.
• Instead of adding your full URL, set up your own short URL on your domain and send it as a clickable link in your message

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